Tuesday, June 02, 2009


We made it out to Makapuu the other night: a random get together, potluck kinda thing. Maya (from Turkmenistan) who is taking my room this summer), Antoine, Maxie, Robin, Adi and his friend Adi and I.

Happily eating away, listening to the crash of water on sand -the infamous shorebreak- and talking about Hawaiian myths and legends, we watched the last group of people leave when dawn set in. The only light was from the Makapu'u light house and the new moon. We had the beach to ourself.

Antoine started to whistle which caused an upstir. Whisteling invites the spirits after dark and we didn't need any of those: Maxie, a little obsessed over a getting her bed out of the way of the lined up doors when we moved into our new house beginning of December, just in case of nightmarchers; Robin for her own reasons and Maya trying really hard not to be impressed by the thought of spritis altogether. A little while into our conversation we all of a sudden hear a baby cry. Odd.. everyone left right? hmmm. Were there any other people then? A little disoriented we resettle, trying to find a comfy spot to lie down, watching the stars, falling stars here and there.

It isnt too long before we hear the cry again. It is a baby sound, coming from the rocks opposite the ocean side. We are all trying to rationalise. Wouldnlt we hear peoples voices then if we can hear the baby? why does it only give one cry and then stop? Nevertheless we are on edge. Time to leave? really? Okay. We gather up our stuff and head for the car.

It is a little rought going in the dark, the balck vulcanic rocks have belnd into a black mass and the beach in between was wet. Walksing across the wet sand little light come on. when you set down your foot all around little spots turn on and then fade again. I have seen this phenomena in waves but never on the wet sand. Beautiful! We hop around for a bit. It doesn't help everyone relax though. robin: can we go now? I really do not feel welcome here. Antoine, a true boy feels like he needs to explore and Adi is almost out there with him. But we leave.

The parking lot gives us a last jitter. Our two cars are really the only ones there and Makapuu is really not an easy walk from anywhere.

-Some intensive research on google yields a little bird called catbird, it's call sounds exactly like a baby. (to be found on youtube except that our bird was way better!) pfew.

My last day of packing and randomness ended me at Waimanalo with Ten Zin and the two Adi's. A a last day swim anbd relax. Ten Zin is learning swimming from Maxie and is doing great! trying everything even taming the sea! and Adi (the other one ;) ) let himself in with the salty water too! I donlt know what I would od if I didnlt know how to swim, but I'm glad they came with us and trusted us to look after them!

A little get together after that with those who were still in Hawaii was good fun! It is wonderful how well randomness works in Hawaii.. I make some snacks and you bring whatever you want to drink! I stayed up till 2:15 cleanign and packing last leftover bits, crashed for two hours and then made travel packages and poked at Robin who stayed over so she could drive me to the airport in Hajime's truck.

I'm home now..
I'll keep you updated!

Music: Nunca Mais, Zuco 103
Quote: A fool's brain digests philosophy into folly, science into superstition, and art into pedantry. Hence University education. -George Bernard Shaw


Blogger sacoux said...

"Antoine, a true boy feels like he needs to explore " hahaha I love this part. It makes me so brave in your story.
You have a very nice blog keep going !


7/06/2009 11:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoi lieve Meike,

Wat een verrassing om jouw pakketje te ontvangen. Ik zal heel voorzichtig zijn met de tas. Ik vind hem heel mooi en herinnert mij de hele tijd aan jou. Dank je wel.
Dit is trouwens mijn eerste ervaring op een blog site.
Doe je Vera veel liefs van mij. Heb een fijne tijd samen en geniet verder nog van de laatste periode daar in Hawaii. Heel veel liefs, Anneke

8/27/2009 2:42 pm  
Anonymous オテモヤン said...

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2/11/2010 2:35 pm  

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