Sunday, November 19, 2006

Friday Night Fever

Just when you think your life is getting settled in some sort of way something happens to throw it all into perspective. Never get used to what you have because things are a changing!
I'll let you all know later ;p

NEway.. went out again last night. This time to the invitation of two Dutchies I met here: Ruud en Kirsten. I go to something called global Café every thursday night which seems to be organised by the baptist church for internationa students. Seems kinda vague because there is not much reference to the religion other then a couple of flyers but I guess it is a really nice way to let international students meet up. Got some Germans attending, Russians, Chinese, French (they're everywhere!) and well pretty much a little fo everything. 't Was good fun and I could have gone on all night but somewhere in the back of my mind was a watch your knees, so I went home at 2 which was smart enough because even though I was awake enough and I could ignore my tiredness from dancing my knees were TROUBLE! NEwayz I made it through the 3 hour Saturday morning practice, actually had good fun because we got to mingle with the players and I got teamed up with one of the Kiwi's, Lisa, for an excersize where you held up a 5lb ball for 20 sec, wresteld each other (i.e.: tried to drown each other) for some time and then fought your way to the other side of the pool. If you came last you had to go fly on the way back and trust me you don't have energy or breath to spare for that. So I lost once, drew once and won once. I thought that was kinda cool for a goalie :)

Next week thursday is thanksgiving, or turkey day. Some girls are going home, others are staying, Margie's mom invited us to come to her house for thanksgiving dinner. I guess she likes having people over and she is really nice. It will be nice to be outta here, spend one day at the beach and the rest of those free days catching up with all the stuff I've been neglecting due to waterpolo. (I could be doing some now but I just can't be bothered) Mostly art and Loads of reading...

Right now listening to all the music that I used to listen to. LOL. good memories get attached to music.. so do bad ones, and some I used to sing with my bro behind the computer.. *grins* kinda like now.. just canlt hear myself cuase I'm wearing headphones. Must be bad, but no one complained as of yet :)

That's all for now Folks

Music: Under the Bridge, RHCP
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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dancing Queen

I sure felt like one!
HAdnlt been "out"in a while, my knees where a good excuse but I'm seldom in the mood to dance. However last night didnlt start with that intention. I met up with Erica, one of the girls form my art class, who pulled up in a rather fance car. We were going to see a music performance at the Academy of arts and meet up with Alice, another girls form class. When we got there we ofund they charged 25 dollars and we were both not very conpfrotbale with spending that amount of money on Indonesian Music, so we continued to downtown China Town where every first friday of the month there is an Art Walk. All the galleries are open and some serve some appetisers and other refreshments. I ran into a guy I knew form two semesters ago (also art class) and only seconds later his friend showed up. As Sabrina would say: Hey Hottie! tall, dark, big eyes, well dressed... anyway ;)
We went to a gallery with the four of us, they hung out there for a bit longer and when we leave we say goodbye.
We end up in this little place where they are showing short films in premiere which was cool and then they played some nice music.. lets dance. Erica met up with some friends and obviously belings in the filmbusiness because the friend took her to meet the big guy (the one who made the longest movie and organised the whole thing) Then we went to see some more ghalleries and ran into Mark.. the tall dark one. We asked where he had left Mike and he would come back for him in a bit but we first went to see some art galleries together.
So we wondered around, found Mike and went back to dancing. I gave Britt a call (girl on my team who was going to go as well with Emily and Kelly (my roommates) and Kristy, our aussie, also waterpolo.
Britt came to join me, on her own, as the rest had decided they didn't feel like going. Britt knew Mike which left me to dance with.. Well you can figure it out.. Erica had decided to go home just before that so there was just the four of us. Later joined by a friend of Britt. Went to another bar where we got in free as Darcy's (ex-waterpolo) boyfriend was a security guard and danced some more.
Felt like a true dancing queen, guess those workouts wereg ood for something, though I must say at bout 2am I was ready to go home. We did have practice today and my legs and knees were starting to give out!
Awesome night, thanks Britt, Erica, Mike, Mark, Darcy and your boyfriend..

And I got to sleep in till almost 9 :)
Tonight I'm goin ot babysit so I have to get my act together now.
Now let's see if my internet is still working...

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Music: Marillion, the whole CD, thanks Sjoerd.