Friday, April 04, 2008

Feeding an Addiction

It sounds really scary and really it shouldn't be, but today turned out a little different.
I shoved a plate of shortbread cookies in the oven. Pam pam paaaaaaam.....

How this all came about? Well... My moms good friend Lindsay came along and to my excitement she had brought some shortbread cookies. I think I can devour these thinks by the pack so this was great! however I tried really hard to not eat tham all in one go. I had 2. With tea...

The next day there was one lying in the box in the table and I figured I would wait till the end of the day again to have it, not thinking it was the last one as there were two boxes right?!?!?!!?!?

However to my great dissapointment (I'm not blaming anyone for anything!) but my family had already eaten them all! And someoneelse decided to have that same last cookie with tea. :(
(and I thought I was a cookiemonster!).

Not all was lost though because supposedly they were really easy to make! So being home alone today I figured it would be good to try.

It turned out to be a new recipy: Shortbread cookie crumble! haha
They taste allright :D However they are tooo thin so they became really crumbly and broken. Ahhh whatever! Practice makes perfect and I'll feed some to my waterpolo team... butter makes you float right?