Monday, July 28, 2008


So as I'm waiting for my last load of clothes to wash and while I am still scribbling things on my note by my hand that holds all the things I still want to do in the morning I am findgin some time tpo update. I'm leaving tomorrow. For those who I have not bothered with details: We're going to Daxing to hang out with the US team and play and practice and then on the 7th travel to Beijing and attend the opening ceremony. We will be in our white training suit... however we wil also make an appearance in this at some point. (Can you tell I did ballet before I tried waterpolo?)

Neways, I'll try to update here occasionally during the whole event. Just not sure about how much acces I have to internet. We shall see!

For those interested in when we play:
11aug - 13:00 NED-HUN
13aug - 14:20 NED-GRE
15aug - 13:00 NED-AUS
17aug - 13:00 quarter finals
19aug - 13:00 semi finals
21aug - 17:00 3d/4th place 18:20 FINAL