Sunday, May 28, 2006

Attention!! (en Francais)

I really mean attention but seeing as I have been excersizing my French trying to read some childrens' book that I found in Emilie and Tillie's bedroom (my coach's Kids with whom's whife Iris and I are staying right now as we donlt have any dorm rooms and she said she wouldn't mind us hanging out there instead of in the team room!)
So yeah.. I finally get some time to spend on msn and then everyone decides to not be there :( boooohoo!, yes I'm feeling sorry for myself!!)
So my mornings consisted of reading French, and after, Linda's book by Jodi Picoult: My Sisters Keeper which I almost bought about 3 times at the airport but did not because I had a couple books waiting for me at home.
Went to Hanauma Bay today and went snorkeling again, it is a bit of an anti-climax after the big island but it was still good fun. No turtles, just a lot fo fish and a lot of dead coral. I think it would be good for that bay to be shut for tourists for a while.. a year or two.. but oh well.. the world doesn't seem to get a break from us humans much.
Might go surfing tomorrow with Coralie and Margie, hope it works out this time! Otherwise maybe just hang out.. I'm really excited to go home, but I[m really going to mniss some people here!!! BEtter start organising some stuff so we can all hang out and go to dinner or something, so!!! if you're reading this and you're still in Hawaii, drop me aline!
Okay, gotto go pay attention to the 8 and five year olds I'm babysitting, they wanna play!
Time to get active!

Music: the hum of the Airco in my coach's offoce that is always too cold!! brrr!
Quote: "When you are an 8 year old nothing is anything of your business!" (how befitting!)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Aloha Iris!

So when you do not update regularly of course a lot of things happen. For now I'll stick with the big Island adventure:
Iris and I really wanted to see the vulcano. She has decided to become a vulcanologist and I simply didn't have the pleasure of seeing it properly the first time I was on the Big Island because we had Hell week there (first waterpolo practice week after christmas) so we tuned our bankaccounts upside down and booked a couple of tickets.
After having flown in there we also rented a car; of course, in America you cannot rent a car if you are under 25 and if you can, you pay for it. No matter that you have learnt to drive in Europe or that you have been doing it for a couple of years already, no matter that there is only one highway that leads you all around the island and that the maximum speed is 55m/h which is about 80km/h. Being YOUNG costed us $25 per driver per day, so we decided I would drive as Iris prefers driving on the left hand side of the road. We asked for the smalles cheapest car: We got lucky, we had to pay the smallest amount (which nearly killed my bank account ;) ) but as they did not have small cars anymore we got a maroon shevvy!!! It sorta felt like driving my dad's Audi for the first time, maybe even better!!!
It was a thrill to drive again after being deprived of driving for a year!!! Wheeehaaa! VROEOEOEOEOEM!! sorry Iris, LOL

We had flown in at about 7 in the morning so we still had the whole day. We drove into Hilo and explored a couple of maps to see where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see, because now that we had a car we decided to drive around the island and use the car to sleep in. We are students after all! On arrival the east side was as usual, soaking wet, however not uncomfortable. We drove up along the coast and set off for the Akaka falls first.
When we got out there was a man sitting there who wove baskets of plam leaves, they supposedly last for about 15 years and they were beautifull, I watched the process thinking I really wanted to try it. I'm sure I can, the problem however would be getting palm leaves (the fourth level growth was the best as he told me...

The walk down was beautiful, we saw all these amazing plants, creepers, bugs, views...

And the climax was of course the waterfall':
and aimed for the ruims of the King Kamehamaha temple, which was really ruin and not more than a pile of stones, but the stories about the Puukoholo Heiau (a temple for the gods built by Kamehameha, who massacred a whole lot of people there to be the sole ruler of Hawai'i in compbination with being there at sunset and rainclouds in the back made it quite the experience.

We drove till we had no clue where we were exactly anymore except on our way down on the west side of the island and then parked the car in a side road and passed out. We've been keeping a pretty nice schedule of going to bed at about 10pm and getting up at 5, max 5:30 am to get going while it was still cool and to see the sunrise. We went to see some lavatubes, caves created by the outsied of a lave flow cooling and the inside continueing to run untill eventually the molten riock stops flowing and a hollow space is left behind. It was interesting but I think I had more fun looking at birds and the view (wish I had brought that birdbook I saw in the shop).
After that we went to see some petroglyphs: ancient drawings in stone, a bit like the cave paintings in France only these were engraved in barren rock for which the ancient Hawaiians would have had to hike through the blazing sun for miles. We luckily got to walk through a sort of forest which spaired us the worst heat. The trees seemed dead but occasionally at the stem some green would start a new branch. It was very fairytale like, and it definitly inspred me to do art.. when I get home...The purpose for the petroglyphs is not known, but I presume it had something to do with worshipping the gods of which Hawaii has many.

After that we drove down to a beach which would be a great place to go snorkeling. When we came there we found it was the most touristy beach you could think of so, as it was extremely hot on this side of the island we decided to lie in the shade and read for a while first. When we finally got in I got the surpise of my life, it was actually a good place to snorkel and there was a lot to see, even though I am a bit spoilt by having been to the 1000 islands in Infonesia. I saw the first turtle and motioned Iris, I haven never seen Iris swim so fast! we followed it a while and on our way in saw a couple more. they came very close to shore they even swam by people while they had not notion of the creature. Stupid! Awesome! and we also saw the (unofficial) hawaiian state fish: humuhumunukunukuapua'a. I hope pictures will follow we bought a throwaway underwatercamera but I want a picture of Iris surfing before we get it developed: *Evil Laugh* On the way out we saw this guy who did some kind of art. It looked like mandala's in black and white with a HAwaiian theme. We got to pick our favourites and take them. We donated 10 dollars. Not enough for the hours that obviously went into it but we didn't have more on us at that moment.
Driving down the road it was good that we came by a cona coffee plantation because with driving and not very much sleep I was ready for some... sleep. We had a look around there, saw how it was grown and how it was grinded and then went back to the car to take a well deserved nap. Then came back for a cup of real cona coffee. Hmmmmjam!Next stop: A black sand beach(obviously caused by the the vulcano and the currents depositing the eroded black basalt there) it was beautifull to see the contrast of it with the rest of nature, including the next mornings sunset (which I woke up to, to give Iris a quick wakeup call to go see):
After which we went snorkeling.. yes at 6 am in the morning. We swam out quite a bit and saw little to nothing except for a few fish and coral. It was really interesting because it was behind a reef and so once every other 5 minutes a gush of ice cold seawater would come in and make the water cloud over.
When we were about to give up and slowly paddeld in Iris saw a turtle. I swam over and saw another one, two, five!!! They were everywhere but had been swimming aorund the stony side instead of by the beach where we went in. It was really amazing, at moments it was quite clear and I would dive under to swim with them. It feels like you are suspended in time trying to swim as gracefull as the turle you'd almost think you could breathe under water too. I tried, I promise, it doesn't work! So we stayed in till Iris was getting too cold (I think I got pool hardned at home). I have no words for it, all you want to do is stay in a bit longer, I just can't get enough!
After that we basically drove straight to the vulcano where we saw all the things I had seen 1,5 years ago and more (because that was the mission) We first went to see a humongous lava tube which you could walk through, but on our way down there we saw a huge fern and had to take a picture of it with Iris'hand behind it. It was huge! and still artsy, like the other picture! We saw the crater, interesting rock formations caused by the lava,

We searched for cracks, ...and found bigger ones.
We saw a lot but I'll try not to bore you with it all, I realise this is quite a chunk. You are still reading?? Cool!

Next we went to the actual lava, at least we thought that is where we went. I was there last time and it is rather amazing. All around is just black lava, in all kinds of swirls and bubbles, frozen in time. Last time you could hike up to the lava but we didn's as it was the end of hellweek, we were wearing slippers, we were rather dead and were not equipped with enough water and flashlights. so we sat down and waited for sundown and saw the lava glow in the distance. This time there was no lava running down the hill but only a big plume of steam where the lava flow hit the sea which we could see very early on our drive down.
Well prepared with walking shoes and plenty of water and snacks and sweaters for when it got cold and flashlights for our hike back after dark we set off. We came about half way before we were obstructed bu a fence. We were not allowed out there, so after about an hours hike over blackness we were done. we sat down to wait for dark to fall and still had quite a spectacular view, but it is like saying no to a kid, the more I'm not allowed the more I want to go out. But we think they were afraid the land would break off into the sea, and you don't want to be caught on there when that happens. We didn't get many good pictures because I didn't bring my tripod, but the people sitting next to us did so they promised to send some. This is the best one I got before it got really dark.

After that we drove up to where we saw the lava tube, maybe not the smartest idea because it was over 3000 feet so after about 3 hours of sleep we were both really cold and really awake. When Iris asked if I was awake at about 4am we decided to go bathroom and run around at the crater to see the sunup again.. brrrr.. It took me forever to get warm, I ran and jumped, I really was chilled to the bone. the next problem to conquer was the fuel. The tank was nearly emtpy after driving 3/4 of the isalnd and we had to fill it up. Upon trying to find what kind of fuel should be in the car and reading the manual the only thing they could come up with was: If the fuel light starts burning, to turn it off, add fuel. I reckon I look like a dumb blonde...

The rest of the day however went really well, surprisingly. We drove through an amzing area where the scenery as well as the vegetation changed continueously. We picked up a couple of hitchhikers along the way, all very much hippies that promoted peace and all made sure we knew that before they said thanks for sharing your car and left us wherever we put them.
We saw some lava trees, created by two lava flows: the 1st one engulphed the tree to leave a mold, where the second lava flow would fill the mold and make a cast. Very cool!

We also saw some beautifull trees and flowers (dad I know you would be jealous!) The ferns were downright amazing and well, it was just very relaxed, fresh air, strolling down the plants and mud with an occasional mosquito biting your legs.

After stopping in downtown Hilo at little farmers market and buying some really ripe kidney mangoes we spent our last two hours where we began our trip, on a small beach just outside of Hilo and a 15 minute drive away from the airport. We dozed, read our book, I tried to update my journal and had lunch. Returned our car :( to the rental company and sat in an orchid garden at the airport eating mangoes the way you are supposed to eat them: juice runnign down your chin dripping off your elbow and with pieces of yellow on your nose. It is a good thing both our hands were too dirty to take a picture of that, I'll leave it to your imagination. If you have ever eaten a perfect mango, you know what it looks like. DELICIOUS!

We boared and concluded a rather succesfull trip..
Bye bye big island.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


There is several things I can say about water polo games but I think I’ve said them all. I’ve ranted about defense and I can do some more of that, I can talk to you about tea play and I can tell you about team spirit, I can go on and on about all the things that I think didn’t work but I think it is time to lighten up. It is summer after all…
We had a couple of great games this semester and, individually, some players have made incredible steps and I think we should be proud of that. I also think we have the best support from the bench although UCLA would be the next runner up for that. We are looking more and more like I team, I wish we could keep more players together. But I suppose that a team built up of players from all over the world is very much like an international school: You get accepted easily and people are comfortable with each others quirks but, people also leave again and you never really know how long they will stay.
On a lighter note, water polo is a great opportunity to get drunk real fast! Play a tournament, have some hard games in a row and play the final in the blazing sun. Skip lunch (it was during game time) and watch the 1st and 2nd place final, also in the heat. Then go for a small dinner and make sure you don’t nap in between. Then go fill a bathtub full of ice, go by the 7/11 and get whatever you like... I promise, one glass will do it.. but two will do it double good ;), great night! Good thing I’m a morning person, it makes it even better to see people attempting to pack and stumble through the hall. We left at 6:30. (I’ll have to add some pictures later)
Am now sitting on the plain home, Hawai’i home, I’ll be home the 5th of June and the I’l be around for a while with only a short intermission to Paris. Right now I’m going to celebrate holidays on the beach, maybe visit the Big island and visit the volcano, hang out on the beach, swim with the turtles, celebrate Iris and my birthday, see some friends that are around for summer school and have a jolly good time!
Anyone that wants to bring me something home from Hawaii let me know, it can let be very heavy because they changed the maximum weight you are allowed to travel with. I’m not sure when this will be up because I donlt know how much internet acces I will be having seeing as I’m living in the team room at the pool for now and then, well, wherever the tide will take me!

Saturday, May 13, 2006


So me nd Amy emtptied the room, I dodn't know I wa capable of storing so much stuff in only haf a room! but then most of it was neccesary stuff like things to eat from and with and art supplies and well, a bicycle, and then my books, becauyse books you know, you can't do away with books! And A fridge and pillows... So it was hectic, we went for a swim in the morning, tired to pack everything into a car and then Amy had a chiropractor appointment at 945 so she drove the car with everythuing in it over there and then had to come to the ppol tp darg everything to the teamroom! (yes we were late but not the latest!)
Right now we are in Davis for the NCAA's, had a lot of trouble beating them today, I donlt think I've seen us play so bad as of yet, but then I canlt say I was much good. At least I made the save I had to. In the fourth querter it finally came together and I even blocked a penalty shot and we ended up finishing with a four goal lead.. you wonder why we had to make it all so hard on ourselves. Tomorrow we play USC, I hope we got it together now!
HAd a really nice dinner at an Italian restaurant. Full moon, sitting outside, flirting with the waiter who had been in America for two years but definitely knew how to se his accent LOL, it must have been the accent. And the food was delicious! The AMerican among us (the other goalie, ordered fish strips form the kids menu and asked for ranch saus... I mean, in An ITALIEN restaurant, me and Emily looked at her and said at the same time: "we really cannot take you anywhere!"
Now I'm sitting in the lobby because everyone keeps coming to our room because their internet does not work. I mean I can fix it for them and then they don'' t have to bother us but for some reason some people don't want me to touch their computer ("my dad knows all anout it he will fix it later").. grrr then stop coming to our room at 11! so here I am at 11 sitting in the lobby..
I should go to sleep too,
important game tomorrow.

Quote: "Why worry about defence, we have a goalie" Michel Roy
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Monday, May 08, 2006

8pm Matinee

I was supposed to go see this dance performance of a guy in my class. Was really looking forward to it and would meet up with some friends at the building. Well yeah..
It was a Sunday matinee show at 8pm. Somewhere you'd think that would set of a bell ringing. But no.
I have spoken to some people about it and no-one else oviously seemed to think it odd (or they wern;t really listening which is always another possibility)
So I simply walked off about an hour ago to the Kennedy Theater where nearby I would find another building where the performance would be. (as was explained to me)
With my kinda luck I thought I'd find it when I got there. Tough Luck. I asked around but no-one knew of the dance show (It doesn't seem to be very common for people to go watch if they are not somehow involved ie-parents, friends, dancers) So I trodded off in the direction of the Art building, which also has an auditorium where it could possibly be held and hoping if ti was there that I was still on time because they don't let you in late.

You know campusses at night have a very different setting, with long shadows and dim lights The Art building has a center building with bamboo around it that waves in the wind and the smell of.. hmmm
The setting was all right and the Art seniors seemed to be having an early party there..
I asked about the performance (and for once felt rather normally dressed (they all out-did me))
And I got redirected to a smokey room where I got pointed out a guy in the back with a cap on that did the lighting for those shows (I was like huh?? shouldn't he be at the show then? but I let it go as they seemed slightly drunk, or high on God knows what)
So I waded thought the sea of people, some eyeing me suspiciously (no I did not fit in with this crowd) and found the guy in the back, introduced myself and asked him for the whereabouts of the performance.
He said: oh yeah that was in that building, but that was at 2pm today, it was the matinee show.. were you going to see a friend?
I nodded, wanting to kick myself for the my stupidity.
"what's his name?"
I look at him questioningly and said: "Morgan?"
He goes: "Oh yeah, nice guy, he's the first one who layed me when I came to Hawai'i"
and somehow I was sure he didn't mean getting a lei of flowers around his neck at arriving at the airport.

And that was really just what I wanted to know. I felt like a bloody fool standing there in the dark of campus with a bunch of high artists. They half convincedly tried to make me stay and for a moment I felt like just giving in, but I walked back, laughing at myself and probably freaking some people on campus out that looked at me (because somehow I attracted looks a lot lately) and got rewarded with a big grin.
I'm back in my room now, I'll go do some studying..

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Shhhh..... I'm studying!

Just think, if your name was "Studying", I could be doing you on my bed right now.

But really, homework inspired blog writing so here goes (You are all getting a well deserved break of my waterpolo life)
I was really just wonderign about human nature and how we evolve. Supposedly meiosis is designed for recombination of human genomes and that is to be able to fight of pathogens.
But as we evolve acoording to our needs and to have a bigger chance at reproduction but also try to limits the costs of energy in evolving (the better designed system will be adapted) then how will we adapt to all the medication and cleanliness we are developing?
I mean, so far so good, we are living longer and can produce offspring till later ages. But what if our genes decide they need to fight less because we have found external ways of doing that like medication. Is our system going to eventually evolve part of our immune system out of our building plan?
Take asthma. The rates are increasing and sure that could be because we live in unhealthier circumstances and we are exposed to more factors that trigger it, or possibly simply because are detection methods have become more accurate and we have given the problem a specific name, but those are not proven facts.
What if we all just carried one of those inhalers to take whe n we felt the need to breathe easier? the hormones? that you inhale also add to physical output so we can perform at better levels, our own system could use the extra enegry for other purposes and seeing as we have a solution for things like that we could even stop worrying about pollution alltogheter?!
Okay I know I'm taking this quite far, but think ab out it, how much do we know about how we adapt to our surroundings? Where is this whole problem of cancer coming from? How come we are never done making medicine? It's like an arms race, who has the bigger bomb is the one who will survive..


And now I feel another rant coming on the point/function of the female orgasm, but I'll save that rant for later.. need to study it some more first...
\ /
\ /
\ /
\ /
\ /
\ /
\ /
for my SEXUAL PSYCHOLOGY class!.. but I'm sure you all knew that!

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Saturday, May 06, 2006


For old time sakes..
I was browsing blogs (or following links from friends) and ran into this poetry blog which I really enjoyed for the wit and style (it rhymes and makes sense!): A Matter of Muse
I just remembered how much fun it is to write poetry, so I will add that to my list (or start writing after I publish this) and for now leave you with this one, which is rather old but makes me smile when I read it. (Turning 18 seems an awefully long time ago).

Grown ups Land

At the doorway to understanding
I hesitate
The world I’ll enter is demanding
But I just want to investigate

On the threshold of responsibility
I falter
My life will change inevitably
And I don’t want to alter

One step in, doorknob in hand
I fret
This is what they call “grown ups land”
And I don’t want to go there yet!

I still want to illustrate this... I have a sketch... (that sounds like: I have a dream... )

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Music: Que Sera, Sera - Doris Day
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