Sunday, June 13, 2010

Music and Memories

"Sweet dreams are made of these who am I to disagree, I travel the world and the seven seas, everybody is looking for something"

It is interesting how music attaches itself to memories, or major events in life sometimes with an obvious link sometimes not.

Omukwano: Driving the local taxi in Uganda-bus to work -it is a Luganda hit and you can hear it blasting here and there on good occasion-
The Weary Kind, Ryan Bingham: Leaving Hawaii - the movie is not great but the song.. ahh...
Classical Gas, Vanessa Mae: Olympics Beijing - It was my warm-up song -
Ruby, Keiser Chiefs: World Championships in Perth -It matched my roommates abundant energy and she was in love with it -
Tradewinds, Pepper: Arrival in Hawaii, staying with Jen and having my first run-in with American culture
These Words, Natasha BeddingField: Hanging out with Amy in our room at Kingsgate
FireWater, Yellowcard: Driving to practice in Nijverdal - It was on a collection cd I made for driving, it made me speed on occasion! -
The Beautiful Girls: Last year in Hawaii and surfing -man I want to go surf-
007 (Shanty Town), Desmond Dekker: Christmas in Canada with my Family -played in the car a lot and my younger cousins enjoyed it too!
Lullaby Baby Blues, Keb Mo: World Junior Championships Calgary and chilling with my Uncle -he saved my sanity, 'nuff said-
Guaranteed, Eddie Vedder: Doing Art with Maxie and Kelly in our living room in Manoa -chaos and destruction-
Nickelback cd: Driving down to the pool to play for national championships in the Netherlands with Lieke
Noorse Bruiloft: Sailing
Bring me Some Water, Melissa Etheridge: Doing art in my room -there are many songs attched to differnt pieces of art, it could be a special entry!
Vogue, Madonna: Working in the greenhouses over summer one year -I'm not even sure I like the song but it was a hit and it played on the radio all day-
Torn, Natalie Imbruglia: Living in Indonesia with my Dad and Brother -I'm sure they remember cause I'm pretty sure that song was on repeat (I do apologise for the overdose)-
Street Spirit, Radiohead: Sitting on my cousin's balcony talking and playing guitar
Desmond Dekker CD: Cooking with Ecaterina before we had people over -girl I could live with you any day!-
God is a DJ, Faithless: Driving to practice in Bilthoven with our coach Nick 2004? -he introduced me to the music-
Quand je Marche, Camille: Having a Godaweful crush on a someone.. -yeah wouldn't you like to know!-
Hey now now, The Cloud Room: road trip, sharing a way to early breakfast and yoga session with Brittany.. good times!
Nothing Else Matters, Metallica: the first time I tried to learn guitar, tought by one of the boys one year above me in school
Don't be Cruel, Elvis presly: Dancing in the living room with my dad there was this other song that refuses to come to mind right now.
Hey There Delilah, Plain White T's: Surfing with my brother in Portugal -he brought the guitar and people enjoyed singing a long-
Grace Kelly, Mika: Afternoons with the National Team in Zeist
Titanic Soundtrack: Third year of Hightschool -the movie came out and I had the soundtrack; copied it on tapes!!! for some of my other friends.
K's Choice: Playing Guitar and singing with my Brother -any time-
The Closest thing to Crazy, Katie Melua: Lindsay, my mothers good friend.
In the Shadows, the Rasmus: Concert with Michelle -in the middle of a trainingcamp, nearly killed me but was flippin Amazing!-
Fidelity, Regina Spektor: Cycling around the Netherlands with Amy -I think because I had the song in my head but could not remember the author.
Universal Traveller, Air: A certain bench in the Sun in Rotterdam in Early summer with Britt -oh and standing o the bridge waving at trucks!- LOL
Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky: Ethiopia
Alice's Rabit, Running Downhill: Watching my brothers band practice in Wesley's basement. -LOVE IT-
Roxette cd: Driving in South Africa with Iris and Odile
De Paden op de Lanen in: Hiking Switzerland with my parents
Listen to your Heart, Roxette- Playing volleyball with Timm, Iska and his kids -the girl had a pink shirt that said listen to your heart-
Just a Girl, No Doubt: recording music from the radio in my friends room in highschool then writing down the lyrics
Snow on the Sahara:
Dancing in the garden with Daniel at my mother's good friend's house in England one summer. He didn't like my music much and I was majorly impressed with his, so not sure how that song attached to that memory.
Peer Gynt, Edvard Grieg:
Playing my Alto recorder with our music group. It sounded sooo nice!
Don't Know Why, Norah Jones: a certain e-mail my brother sent me :)
Take a Chance on Me, ABBA: Driving to France with my family when we were small -it was one of the few cd's everyone would put up with-
Tout le Bonheur Du Monde, Sinsemilia:- Hanging out with my Parisian friends in Hawaii
Gastarbeiders, Kinderen voor Kinderen: Singing in Church with my good friend Loes
Ik wil een Kangaroe, Kinderen voor Kinderen: The study in my Grandma's House
Las die Liebe Son Herein: Driving somewhere with my mother
Mon Bateau: Kindergarten in Burkina Faso

And there are many more, I could go on forever...but I think I might have sufficiently bored you by now, or at least, lost you to your own memories and music...