Monday, July 31, 2006

Transsexual Pickles

So for the record: I'm done chasing wild geese, I mean, pigeons.. They decided that there were too little of them to pay someone for keeping them away. Too bad, I really enjoyed all that readiThat evening someone called from the restaurant I had applied at if I wanted to start working tonight, an hour before my emplyment agency called to say they had another job for me.
So now I can work weekends (5-10 or so) which is really the most fun, in a little Italian restaurant where I am the tallest of the staff of four men :D Where they have the best Italian espresso and where it is truely a joy to run around.
On weekdays I get to put my Psych education to the test because I have to deal with transsexual pickles. Are you laughing? I figured..
Sure laugh! I'm serious though, these plants are either male, female or both and some individual flowers can't decide on their sex either. It's a really sexist job really.. I have to sort out the most beautiful flowers (male and female) and stick em together. Another random fact?? Well every female gets two males LOL.. I mean seriously, can you imagine the jokes flying around?
And then lo and behold.. the farmers that I kept running into on the field and occasionally drinking coffee with when I was scare crow spent the rest of the time in the greenhouse next to the one I work at. So I get to drink my coffe with them yet again. (Immediately they tried to hook me up with one of the younger guys (Well my age but younger in their group and which they had been doing the last couple of weeks as well) who is a little shy, sorta Q'te really, but they told him here was his second chance :)
These people are so much fun to hang out with! Very random people, but most very Dutch ans 80% of those very "Wagenings" (which is the pace that confirms the sterotype Americans have of Dutch people: people that wear woolen socks and comfy clothes and live of the land and eat health food etc etc... there are even a couple that wear clogs ;))
So yeah, it is looking good, I can make some decent money which I can use on my apartment this year in Hawai'i! And I'm sure I'll have enough to spend some of it on some cooking stuff and such! Can't wait! Amy we better find a house soon!

Oh, and speaking of jobs, I know where I want to go, for an internship or for a real job, I'll have to see that when I get there, but this looks soo much like something I would love to do! YAY! it makes me wanna go study hard! (how scary is that!) Warchild

Music: Splintertime, The Wreckers
Quote: "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." -Thomas A. Edison

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Let's stop complaining about the HEAT!

As in it's warm, sticky, people are starting to use the Tropic schedule for work (start earlier, do less, drink more, and leave earlier... )

But really: it's the heat is a lousy excuse.
It can mean many other things:
Heat may refer to:
A period of increased sexual drive
A segment of a race
The strength of chilli peppers
Applause or booing given by fans to a professional wrestler.
A fastball in baseball colloquial

but what I wanted to focus on was this:
Heat is a transient form of energ! so what is all this puffing and complaining about!
We finally leave winter behind, people get to wear all their skimpy clothes, and get injected with a tremendous amount of heat! Look at the energy!
There is a reason people became happy in summer, they get warmth and energy.
There is a reason more people die in winter: energy low.
And there is this song that gets ennoyingly stuck in my head every summer: Summer loving, happens so fa-ast.... sure..I'll shut up..
but really, start enjoying it while it lasts!

Quote: "The summer night is like a perfection of thought." -Wallace Stevens
Music: Isn't that obvious?? (Include the rest of that movie too!)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Penny for your Thoughts

Of course I have been reading, and of course my mind set off on what I was reading. Really it is only a childrens book, but one that mesmerized me when I was younger and well, it did it again.. why? well it really goes into telepathy and communictation between people. So I can't help but wonder what that really is.
I used to believe that it was merely the understanding what someone close to you was about to do or think because you understood the circumstances and them so well. Now I wonder. I mean how often do you call someone, to pick up the phone before it ever rung and have them on the other side? How often do you finish someone's sentences almost before they started? How often do you shift between ideas and start off on a same tangent? And what if such a thing could really be developed? Could people ever hide anything from each other ever again?
I presume it would be a good reason to really change your life. Imagine everyone you talk to or meet to understand all your thoughts, not just what you tell? Would you be comfortable right now? All that is in your mind at this moment, would you be willing to share it? I sure would notl at least not everyone!! (apart from that I think very few people could sort through the chaos they'd find LOL)
But imagine the trouble it would save.. no more talking behind someone's back, no more hiding no more misunderstanding?
I don't think people could handle that right now, we'd find a way to shut off I'm sure, but still!

This I found on the net (I was bored and surfing) and it struck me as interesting!
You Are A Poplar Tree

People tend to look up to you, and it's a bit lonely at the top.
Inside, you are not always self confident, but you show great courage.
Mature and organized, you are reliable in any situation.
You tend to have an artistic or philosophical outlook on life.
You are very choosy in love and take partnership seriously.

Music: Come away with me, Norah Jones
Quote: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Suess

Friday, July 14, 2006


Just because I always get to hear: "Dutch people and their bicycles!!!"
Well I was wandering around Amsterdam (yes this place is in the Netherlands) and found that there were even more bicycles here. I mean you donlt have a choice because driving there is really not an option!
You take the Tram (a mix between a bus and a train) a boat, or yes, you guessed right, a bicycle.
The parking is not really a problem either because even if it was not allowed, they do not really have the ability to move that many bicycles. (I think)

Having cycled a lot (on my brothers bicycle) since I came here, I realise how well the facilties are here.. and how easy it is to get from A to B by bike.

Music: Maria Mena, Just Hold Me
Quote: "Of all the things to believe in, why not believe in yourself?"

Friday, July 07, 2006

Most Unlikely Self Portrait

Why this is me and so not me either... you think ya know?
(Inspired by a conversation I had with the optician about sunglasses after I tried ot find myself a normal pair of glasses)

So... I've been busy doing Art There are about 5 updates!

Then I have been bonding with my cat (we're almost pals again)
I'm working as a scraecrow. Yes you heard right :) I run around a field almost every morning from 5 till 10 to keep the piqeons off the colliflower. This is a test company so it is of great essence that there are no birds around to ruin the different batches. That is my job.
I get a lot of reading done :) and some sketches, and some more reading. Listen to lots of music while I hike around the fields, sing into the wind (very safe if you're sure no one will hear), have lots of tea and water and occasionally talk to the farmers who come out to work occasionally.. such a mens world *grins*.

Music: Sleeping Satellite
Quote: "An artists is someone who attempts communicate what it is like in his world, to the people outside of it that care to look further then their own."

Saturday, July 01, 2006


I came up coughing and squeaking in desperate need of air. My nose and my eyes were full of salt water and my snorkel and goggles were hanging around my neck.
I wondered how I had lost hold of reality so easily but then; dreams seem realistic and reality seems unreal sometimes, so why not?

I had done it several times, I have one very vivid memory where I was under water holding my breath, green in front off my eyes and feeling the approaching lack of oxygen. I’m not sure why it never occurred to me to simply swim up towards the surface, but it never did.
My head felt like it was about to explode, colours started to change from green to purple and red and eventually there was nothing I could do but open my mouth to let the air in. I fully well knew I was going to drown.
I didn’t get a rush of fresh air. Instead, I felt I was just breathing normally, a calm sort of breathing.
I realised I must somehow be extracting the oxygen from the water.

It is strange the thoughts you have when dreaming

I had the time to look around and instead of just green, I could now see the water was light green. Light green because I saw the surface and the light coming down from it. I could see an arch of coral, rock? And I’m sure I saw the silhouette of a dolphin against the light up there somewhere. It was only a short experience and of course I left this underwater world by the time I started thinking I wanted to explore this place, this underwater arena in which I seemed suspended.

My inability to hold onto dreams or turn over to finish them is becoming increasingly frustrating.

The feeling of suffocation was always there, however the more often it happened the less afraid I became to breathe. Lately I even decide to try it before I reach the moment of no return. I remember that I can breathe.

So when I entered the water and graciously took a couple of strokes, letting the momentum carry me forward, smooth and elegant like the turtle swimming next to me, my lungs burning trying to prolong the moment, I realised I should probably just breathe.

I finally remembered.

Music: Turn, turn, turn. The byrds
Quote: "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." - Scott Adams