Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lady, Rice and Music Waves

Test your vocab= donate rice!
Trust me, it is interesting fun and well if you feed a couple kids in the process no one really gets worse by it! I cannot seem to get past 42 (I guess that is not half bad for a Dutchies vocab range)
Only ennoying thing is that if you do want the word pronounced, you get a lovely American voice, male or female which messes with my pronunciation of things! Whichever way, go spend a couple minutes there and make the world a better place (and let me know how far you get so I can go and better you score when I get bored between practices!)

Secondly I have conluded I am as of now officially a lady ;) Most of you know me so realise this is far from the truth although I do a good imitation on a good day. However, walking back from the pool the other day a little boys soccer team walked by and one little boy trying to be bold said: "dag mevrouw" which means something to the equivelent of goodday miss/lady. I said hi back figuring it would be appreciated and it was. Nex thing he turn to his friend and says: "guess what! I rold that lady hi ans she smiled and said hi back!" Then he shouted BYE! real hard and I waved my hand at him continueing my path to my car, tripping, just out of eyesight of the bunch of boys over the little wall we jump over to get to the parking faster. Almost ruined his concept there!

Finally and this update has been due for a while: I went to Ameland, which is one of the islands along the top of our country. My good friend Britt (you know the one that has been causing half the adventures on this blog this year) and her couch surfing friend Robin went to a surf and music festival there.
We took the ferry and thank god had some beautiful weather out there! Also, we wenty surfing on the Dutch North Shore, with and without wetsuit, which was cold but fun anough to be bearable!
They had a great party both nights (although the music on the second was way better!) and I danced two nights in a row and did some crowd surfing which I never thought would be done with someone my lenght! LOL. I must admit I spent 2 days drooling over a beautiful man, it gave a whole new meaning to to a dutch expression about straing the beauty off of someone when you look too much. But hey, I'm allowed.. I get to spend whole weeks together with a bunch of girls in a pool... haha.

We spent three nights in an insanely little tent with the three of us which (after we managed to fit the matress in, barely fit us and we had to leave all our "things" outside at night. This included my feet.

Most my calories these three days came from beer... because there really wasn't hat much food and the line for the french fries served better for making friends then getting yourself anything to eat! Did get us some Berenburgh (strong liquor) though...

Finally I got the taste for surfing again, realised dutch surf really sucks but will be back in hawaii soon, met up with some good new music, interesting people and a crowd that was just laid back and fun as they all had an interest in surfng and not just in getting drunk and partying which made the party more fun too! There were plenty of hippies and hippy activity, I made a bunch of buttons and Britt took part in a capoeira class... very fun! An yes well.. many more things to tell but I need to post this becaue this was amonth ago and new things are happening! Sorry for the delay, I was wainting for pictures!

Quote: You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!
Music: Jaya the Cat