Sunday, October 30, 2005

Lost in Fantasy Worlds, Fire throwing, Feelings and Farewells

A strange but good Saturday evening. Though my mood from the morning lingered it did quickly dissipate once I started doing things. Sometimes I need to shut my mind off though, it can be such a pain int the ... yeah.

As to getting places, it seems to take Amy and me a while before we can leave. So true to the aloha spirit we were late. It's a good thing everyone lives with Aloha here!
Talked to many people again, about very different things ;) from books, English/French language, the choice of words, the importance of good lecturers, poi, fire, (waterpolo and reports which was officially off limits tonight LOL) to Love, Life and Friendship, Smiling, Hugz and finally the effect of alcohol on the day after, haha *sits patiently and waits for reactions*

But it was good again I got another trick down with poi, it is so much fun, I think I might need to get myself some, or maybe even make them, just that I have no clue when I am going to practice!

E-mailing with home was great, it's a good thing I had a party too :) I spent some time looking though pictures, man I miss you people! Hanna I hope you had the best party ever! You totally deserved it and I want ot know all about it! Pictures too please! Can't believe I wasn't there for that but studying in Hawaii doesn't come without a price I reckon.
So to be very contemplative: Good things come in two; Giving something up makes your choice more valuable; but the sun always will come up in the morning :)

Am not done with this post, so it wil be edited, just need to finish my essay first because it has been haunting me and I need to get it done and over with!

Hrm.... the smell of rain on the air!

Music For the Day: The Seekers, A World of our Own & the Carnival is Over

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Satuday. Got off on the wrong foot with just about everything and everybody today and right now I'm in a really really really foul mood!
So I'm going back to bed (9:40am) sleep for another hour or so and restart this day!

I intend to wake up with a smile!

Stupid Tests

I can't believe I just succumbed to another of those stupid tests! And I don't even think this one is that great, I've seen way better ones! But just to show you all how weak I am when it comes to dumb computer tests I thought I'd share it with ya :)

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 6.5
Mind: 6.3
Body: 8.6
Spirit: 6.4
Friends/Family: 5.6
Love: 2.1
Finance: 3.2
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

So, I reckon the mind thing could be majorly improved with a bit of sleep! But somehow I'm not getting to it. I havn't done more than 6 hours a night for about what, a week? two maybe? I did nap though, thats why I'm still alive :0
The body rating thing is good because there was no option for saying you excersized too much LOL and then the rest, ah well.. go take it if you want to know;) I promise the next time I take a test it will be a more interesting one!

Also did a Psychology test. For extra credit. I was majorly disappointed because I like these kind of things but this one had some really bad questions on it! I made a note on the sideline because if you want to make a decent test you have to be ably to rely on your test results, not ask me: "even though I am religeous I try to accept gay people" answer: this could be me 1 to: no this does not fit me or my opinion 7. What are you asking me here?!

NEway, it's weekend again! :) Plus I'm drawing some game concepts which are really making me want to draw more! YES! that's what I needed! Threw on some paint too, just for the heck of throwing around paint! Now all I need is a clause of time! Because my lecturers do not appreciate me drawing in class! I don't get it, I do is very quietly! LOL and during art I reckon I should focus on BOB :) Yes, his name is Bob, guess who's back, the one that had the epileptic attack when I just came! but he is nice, I notice I draw him better now because I've drawn him more often (does that make sense, I get his character on paper! :)

Beware! I trap characters in paper and manipulate them ;)

Music for the Day: ABBA, Fernando

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Art of Creativity

Well hounestly, there is no creativity in me at the moment. I feel bad having a WIP(work in progress) lying under my bed but never getting to it anymore. I know myself. I lose the spark and it is going to be really hard to finish. There might be some creativity for playing guitar :) I got all excited about playing again since I played last Sunday. However my neck is telling me I'm overdoing it after not having played for so long and after practice today sitting up straight just feels plain wrong, but I can't really complain, I have not been injured for so long! But maybe iut is time for a chiropractor of sorts. hmpf!

Meanwhile I'm typing an essay on cause and effect of expression through art (that's what inspired the title) and am throwing out all these facts that I dind't know I knew. Do I? I wonder if I make them up as I go, but it still seems to make sense and when I look it up on internet they can't tell me more than I already know. I suppose it is so much a part of my own life and I have done so much research already that I just know these kind of things. Interesting.

Meanwhile listening to Jeux Interdits *sighs* it is so beautiful! But they play it so fast! I want to be better!!! :) Had a really good time just now playing with Kezia, who playes a lot better than she thinks she does but is just a bit out of practice and needs some more self confidence ;) She picks up on things really quickly too and we are going to play some more soon! I'm so excited!

Also just gave up on trying to keep up with writing down with what I spend because I really havn't bought anything except for art supplies and food but Hawaii is just too expensive. So frustrating! No wonder people are overweigt if 6 banana's cost more then 30 chocolate chip cookies! *mumbles something under her breath*

And then finally this image because it is so aestethically pleasing and because looking at art deals with feelings almost as well as creating it does: Enjoy!
Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Sulamith Wulfing

Music for the Day: Jeux Interdits and Razorlight, Somewhere Else (playing)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What a Wonderfull Workout!

Coralee Campbell, (if you don't know her (I'm greatly shocked), she played on the USA national team ;p) is from now on Mich's assistant coach. She seems to have similar ideas to mine concerning dryland! (but I'll not get overexcited, because it is still dryland, haha)
I'm glad she is here though, it will be good to have someone with the experience that she has around, and maybe she can come in and scrimmage with us? (Or otherwise maybe Margi? (Dingeldine) We'll see.
I'm just happy she came!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

...dip dip and swing!

My paddles clean and bright,
flashing with silver
follow the wild goose flight
dip dip and swing!

So Saturday was a busy day, sunday was worse. In a really good way!
Amy and me got to sleep in till about 8 because Kezia would pick us up at 9. Fate had it that we are used to getting up early so we were both pretty much awake and alert at 6:30!!! I went to get some bread and things for on the road, we made breakfast and lunch and then head off.

On arrive au 1617 Kapiolani a neuf heure et demi. Nous "crashed?" la chambre de Jeremie pour le persuader de venir avec nous. La derniere nuit n'est pas la meilleure pour lui et il est un peu "pansy?". Apres avoir attendu echo 1 heure et demi on y va. Jeremie aussi! :)

When we got to the Kayaking place we were not allowed to go to one of the islands because the weather was too rough. They even asked us to go see what the waves were like before we went, but I think most of us were more excited by the prospect of a little roughness than afraid. Maybe I should speak for myself. Kayaking in the sea is rather different than in a river and the currents act strangely on your boat, but after a little affort to start with we got the hang of it.

Pour aller a "flat island" je partage le kayak avec Aurelien. Nous decidons de surfer sur une vague. (This sounded wrong but got fixed!) C'est un idee tres bien et quand tout les monde.. okay that's it... I'll go break my head over something more usefull now :) when everyone caught up we spend quite a happy while catching waves! wheee! After landing on flat island we had lunch and sat around. I thought the island would be a lot bigger (and further away) aspecially as they said it was a bird reserve.
We did see the indigenous birds though and we had a great time hangin' out, swimming, eating, inspecting the rocks and potholes, (swimming through them). Had a good laugh about Yannicks dance. I wanna see that again on Saturday. It's either that or singing along with the guitar Yannick!
Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
On the way back we swithed partners and I had the most amazing time with Cycy (little cyril) we caught some serious waves, lounched ourselfves over and through some boats (sorry folks) and then had the hardest time getting back in the kayak as we had to laugh so much. On the beach we ended up doing some dancing. I reckon the locals must have thought of us as a bunch of idiotic tourists, but somehow I coudn't care less. +I don't believe locals exsist in Hawai'i (it's all interbread (no offense to anyone)) LOL

After all the excitement I diligently went back to my dorm to do some studying. We were invited for crepes later that evening and I could have bridged these hours with some acrobatics on the beach, it's not like they weren't trying really hard to convince me :))

I actually got some studying done (I have been restless and unconcentrated this week and studying just didn't happen.. I did hold my book and looked at it though :)) I was even too zoned out to concider getting nervous over not having studied half the material!)

So we went up Kapiolani street and for the second time that day were welcomed. This time we entered a very tidy room! Whoa guys! (We were supposedly a good incentive to clean up!) We had some really yum crepes (I realize it needs a roof over the e but my computer is being a pain in the a***!) too bad we had to use American cheeze, but the chocolate and banana ones were totally awesome!
Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
After that I played my guitar somewhat (I had been asked to do so and had promised before and going by car this time I had no excuse that I couldn't take it on the bicycle, so this was the time! And they actually enjoyed it, LOL! still need to get them all singing though.
Next on the playlist: jeux interdits... (and Saez, Montée la-haut which is getting me pretty frustrated at the moment (patience is a virtue!))

Which now I can go practice as I just finshed that bloody midterm! YES!
Thanks for an awesome weekend guys! (and go easy on my French!)

Sunday, October 23, 2005


I was a kid, you were my dad
I didn't always understand
I wanted freedom, you got mad
You were concerned, I got upset
I didn't recognize you yet

And did you cry, I know I did
When I lied to you
I didn't want to hurt you
I just never knew I did

You never told me that you loved me
I know you didn't know how
I guess that shows we're much the same
'Cause I love you too and until now
I've never said those words out loud
I hope you're proud
To be my dad...

What are your secrets, do you pray
Is there a god that shows your way
I wish I knew...
Do you have crazy fantasies
What happens in your dreams
I want to know...

I guess you'll always be a mystery to me
But you taught me how to value life
And what else do I need
I have a dad who watches over me

Because it is a beatifull song and because it sounds great on the guitar and maybe because I miss home a little. (just a little) And because I love ya dad!

Think I'll read one more chapter of Psychology and then pass out. Sleep can be so rewarding and tomorrow has some fun stuff in store. All I need is the weather to clear up. I don't want to blame Murphy if our plans fall apart. Hope everyone is alive and kicking, also the ones who I havn't spoken to in while. SORRY FOR BEING SUCH A STRANGER! I'll better my life!

In november we'll be back to the usual 20 hours practice a week so I'll probably be online more to pretend to have a social life :) But I'm looking forward to scrimaging and using decent balls all the time!

Also a quote from my coach that I found does not only work for shots that might need to be taken: "WHY NOT?!" the usual answer to that would be: Meike can reach there or, she knows I'm going to shoot, or she is all over the place, well guess what, that doesn't count for me :)
So watch out life! Here I come!

Last but not least: Dinner was great this weekend! I was so ready for decent food instead of eating in the caf, and I had a great time too! I solve my issues with the dining services which came down to me upgrading my mealplan and paying a lot more :S but at least I get to stay in my dorm. Pfew!

Thursday, October 20, 2005


[rant]I need to go to bed before 00:00 on weekdays...I need to go to bed before 00:00 on weekdays...I need to go to bed before 00:00 on weekdays...I need to go to bed before 00:00 on weekdays...I need to go to bed before 00:00 on weekdays..I need to go to bed before 00:00 on weekdays...I NEED TO GO TO BED BEFORE 00:00 ON WEEKDAYS!I need to go to bed before 00:00 on weekdays...I need to go to bed before 00:00 on weekdays...I need to go to bed before 00:00 on weekdays...
LOL don't you just hate it when you drag you're tired ass to the pool and they tell you today is a good day for timeswimming?! Ahhhhh! And the goalies get to do breaststroke!!! I mean seriuously: 400m breaststroke?!that is 16 lanes, that is tooooooooo much for a goalie. [/rant]

So yeah, I have a chem test today and am very ill prepared.. I think I know everythign 'cause I'm sure I did it all in IB, just didn't look through it all so I hope there will be no surprises. I hounestly tried though :) Am just a little distracted. When you read your paragraph and by the end of it you have no clue what you just read? that kind of distracted.. I do have a lot of other intresting thoughts though! :)

Some more cool pictures: It is "en Francais, but come to think of it I think you all know enough to be able to follow it :) and it is mostly for the pictures anyway: you can click on them to enlarge them!

Music for the Day: ABBA, Eagle & Counting Crows, Accidentally in Love (Eh bro, wanna come over and play the bass.. it sounds ickey without it!)

UPDATE: Seeing as I saved this as a draft yesterday: I survived my test and just finished my friday. The weekend looks promising but way too buisy again. haha I won't complain! My body feels like I've been doign handstands, I wonder why?!
Got some 1-dodecanol on my hands.. can't seem to get it off and trust me it smells BAD!
Got to organise some things now or else they wil end my housing contract :S I think they don't like the fact that I cheated on my mealplan. That's what you get for lying and decieving, so I better go figure it out :S Shame on me...
Also I need to tlka to my coach, he asked me to come by his office and I want to do some studying because I have another exam on tuesday! Does it ever end?! At least Psychology is intresting enough to study!

Oh and to make amendments:
1- sorry for misspelling mignon(ne) though I sorta like the confusion it caused :)
2- Sorry Jeremie for misspelling your name: Everyone make sure: it is Jeremie

Music for Today: Cat Stevens: Father and Son

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Where did my weekend go?! (edit: with extra pictures! and some more html which I hope no one sees because then I messed up!)
The usual saturday morning workout, with a new little something. Long Jumps. Ever heard of them? well I sure hadn't and am now trying very hard to forget about them except for the part that I can't stand up from my bed or my schoolbench or the toilet for that matter, for the pain in my legs. And I have dryland today, I can't even walk! how am I supposed to run or do squats?! Oh well.. after workout I lay out in the sun for about an hour with Danielle (the third goalie), Ryan (Our new world class center forward to be) and Tamera (the girl who seems shy but is actually a lot of fun!, also new this semester) Then went to Jamie and Malia's house for a real American breakfast, the whle team was invited.

After that I went home got changed and jumped on my bicycle. I'm now a safe driver because I got a front and back light, and a pump becauseI have a flat! Arghhhh!
Did the rest of the needed shopping, had a whole backpack full! raced home, changed again, and went back to the pool, cause we weere setting up for the mens games (still not sure why we were doing that) but oh well, then I helped out with some individual practice because they needed a goalie as they were being taped so they could see how to improve, watched the rest of the game and then went back to my dorm again. Yup, changed again and went out to the Frech BBQ.
Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

Image Hosted by The Image HostingAmy came later and Kezia and Alyssa came too! the more the merrier! they were not going to stay very long though because they were tired.. 9:30 max. They left at 00:00 what happened to 9:30 Amy?! Glad they all had a good time though! Amy did some fire throwing and surpirised us with a little bit of talent there, Kezia was haloed (and moved a few french hearts, tres mignonne!)and Alyssa was just a little more carfull, at least she kept my hair from cathcing fire!
I went home a 2:30, what happened to needing sleep I dunno, but I had a great time! Had some great talks and laughs with people and a fight with Arno (I miss my little bro who I still have a chance at beating, I think) and had some french chocolate and wine (which reminds me that choclate here is just not like that in Europe)

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Jeremy, Arno et Cyril avec MiniPotam (sur le CocaCola) mangent le dernier Chocolat Francias

Woke up at 9:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See I can sleep in! LOL and was called up 5 minutes after that by Britney (on our waterpolo team) If I could please help out with a athlete car wash because all the girls that promised to go had turned down last minute. We needed 20 people tp start so sure.. I threw on some clothes stuffed sandwitch in my mouth and went outside where Britt was already waiting. Think I spent about 2 hours washing cars. Very much fun, but quite hard work! got nice and wet and met a few cool people. Britt had to work though and so we left a little early and she dropped me off.

Had some lunch with Amy and then went for the Beach. Yes acrobatics again, with Kezia this time, who is about half my size and weight and who went up just a tad bit easier. we tried to get the two of us up but it dind't work, YET! Amy's has been taking pictures so those will show up sometime. I brought a waterpolo ball and we spent quite some time playing around with that as well, till about half of them frenchies needed some rest. Cyril and Aurelien and I messed around a bit longer, and they are now both picking up on throwing waterpolo balls around with quit some power behind it, just need to teach em decent eggbeater. It's strange how men just pick up on that more easily than girls do...

From there the four of us went to tha actual acrobatic practice and had a great evening, there was this guy, sorry I fogot his name, who really taught us a lot! Alot of balance tricks and how to fly :) I also messed aorund with some poi, but that didnlt seem to get the priority tonight alhough there wasa girl named Phoenix who apart from Eva, taught me some more af that as well! I need to practice, they both look so incredibly gracious, WOW!
The result fo acrobatics was this:
Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
I had my hands loose and done quite a bit of flying after this, on my back and front. Did some kind of handstand on someone's back and a very interesting balance manouver with Phoenix. Great night! When everynody had trickled out we went for dinner (just the four of us) and it was realy nice, had some vietnamese springrolls and in my attempt to eat them with sticks in some well mannered fashion I ended up being the last to finish. Maybe I talked too much, that could be it too, that's what you get if you have good company.

Flew home on my bike after, accompanied by a very well mannered frenchman. Thankyou Cyril I feel like such a lady :)

Now, after getting another hour of sleep I'm having a pain killer because I need to practice and am already dreading getting up form my chair! Yes! I love Sports

Music for the day: Elvis Presley, Return to Sender

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Cappuchino and a Blueberry Scone

I love fridays! Only that I have no clue what to do with myself now that I have time. I mean, I can think of a thousand things but I find it hard to do anything purposefull at all.
Today I got a selfportrait back that we had due monday in ink for art class. It read: excellent! obviously had some experience w/ this liquid medium. Very bold and decisive appreciation of the different tones. Now if any of you know my art and the way I go about it you know that I have no controll over liquid media, so yes! I'm smiling. I love that class! you get credit for drawing two hours 3 times a week, does life get eny better?! LOL and the portrait actualy does lok like me! But I'm now bqack to drawing skeletons. Amazingly intresting, aspecially when you start moving into awkward positions to see where the h*ll your shoulderblades went and you can't see it on the model because he is too chubby *grins*
Running form art to my next class I had to convince my lecturer that I was really listening, I just forget to put my I-pod away because it sits in one ear during art class. When trying to explain I was lstening to radiohead she had no clue who they were. Cultuurbarbaar..(have no appropriate wird for that in English but it means you'r not appreciating what culture brings by not knowing it)
Then for Chem Lab I made some Cu.. do ou know how beautifull the colour of that stuff is?! I wish you could use it to dye cloth with, I wish I knew how to dye cloth, ahh colours, I love em!

I just had a cappuchino and a blueberry scone, to celebrate my friday! It tasted wonderfull :) though I'd let you know as it might explain this very random blog entry. Now you know a regular friday!

Music for the Day: Radiohead, Creep

Friday, October 14, 2005

Little Victories

So, I have some updating to do:

This morning we did a circus.. yes you read it right and it has nothing to do with acrobatics ;) We do this on a regular basis and has originated from our French Canadian coach who refuses to learn English, or just can't pronounce the word circuit.. (Mich you make me smile, even early in the morning) :p So that is what we did. It looks somewhat like a circus because we set up all these stations and we switch every so many seconds and it is a mess, but fun.
According to Mich (Michel Roy is our coach and we call him Mich) we also need to do "alf" a fake (to get the goalie (me) to jump) and then Pa-pow! (which is the synonym for shooting). After doing dryland it rained for a bit and we had the most beautifull rainbow: a perfect bow, as if it was a bridge over the pool. You guys ought to come check it out sometime!

Yesterday I had a little celebration when I found that I got some money back from paying for two tickets for waterpolo last semester! I really needed some money as they messed up something at the student athlete office which caused me to have no income since I got here.. well let me tell you, money disappears rather quickly here as the cost of living is not exactly cheap! And I wanted to apply for a job because they had an opening at the ArtHall, which means supervising and letting people in, sitting at a desk and .. doing homework?, and being up to date with all the cool art they show! But for somer reason I wasn't allowed to do get that job because of some sort of rule, I'll have to llok in to that, won;t have time to work next semester but after that...?
Neway, now that I have money I can go and buy a light for my bicycle.
I bought a way to expensive liter of fresh orange juice at the health store to celebrate! Hmmmm I love spoiling myself!
And; a phone card! So be ready, I'm phoning you all!
Make sure you're home... INGE! :p
I had a great talk with my grandpa which made me go to bed with a smile and talked to Iris the other day which was totally awesome as well! She has decided to try the blog thing as well instead of her mass mails, so I'll have to add her blogsite to my links! go check it out! she's starting her world trip on Saturday.

The Athlete Center here has though up a point system which gives a team points when they do something like supporting another sport together, some social activityor if we get a good GPA (collective grade average). Very nice! Of course this is a competition between all athletic teams and we have to do a lot! So apart from hanging out at the pool every day we get to be each others social life all day!
Okay that might be a bit over the top, but I'm not sure I like it. I'love going to a basketball, or volleyball game once or twice, but when I feel like it, not because this is a team event and we all have to show up to get our points. Maybe I just donlt like rules... we'll see...

Had some intresting lectures this week. Opened my eyes somewhat in Psychology to hear all my minds suspicions put into words.. Didn't know my brain made so much sense (Smiles at daddy who is prolly laughing, right?) Just took my Anthro clas off, because he was reviewing the exam but we don't have it back yet so how am I supposed to see what he wanted?! the lecture hall was basically empty, I mean, what does it take to realise that you are a worthless lecturer? He can't even get an 8th of the class to come in!

Okay, anough of that, I have stuff ot do and a lab to prepare (I am actually doing things!), gotto go buy some things and art supplies and when I'm done with that I'm back to actually doing art because I just started something for myself and I'm really excited. Hope I have enought time to finish it before I lose intrest!

Will leave you with a piece of poetry which I found rather impressive. It's on a blog where I know someone and don't know most someones LOL, go see if you like this (link at the bottom), they are a rather creative bunch! However, it is all in Dutch, sorry for those of you who can't read it :)

Sunday, October 09, 2005
het ongemak van onvermogen

in sociale cirkels als deze
ben ik
een sociaal vierkant.

hulpeloosheid heeft de smoel
en de trekjes
en de textuur
van asociale zweetkringen,
bewegingen de branie
en de belofte
en de soundbites
van ongastvrije scharnieren.

wie mij ooit zag,
keek een kreeft in de ogen:

rood liep hij aan en vertrok hij.

by: Karel

Visit their blogspot!: Miserable Now

Music for the Day: Placebo, The Bitter End

Monday, October 10, 2005

And now I am a ghost...

Juist ja, 31 October is Halloween. Anyone have any good, inventive, creative, cheap ideas? I could always cut up a blanket, pull it over my head and become a ghost but I was looking for something a little more creative. For some reason people expect that of me and I wouldn't want to disaapoint them now would I?!
Yesterday was a very unproductive day and today seems to be just as bad.. I have to study for my midterm (which I'm doign right this minute) and meanwhile my room is cleaning itself up, because doing laundry and vacuuming and updating my blog and whatnot are all very good reasons to not start studying. However I am going to the beach, I promised, so I beter get stuff done. You know, stuff?! Haha, okay back to work!

Saturday, October 08, 2005


You have been promoted to Godfather! Keep on going!
And these people always assume I'm male!
My other shameless addiction next to waterpolo and art. LOL
For those who don't know what I'm rambling about, trust me you're not really missing out!
enduhmmm where's the little bugger?! why can't I get into your account?!
Wanna go criming together sometime.. like int the old days :)

Reciprocal Altruism and Salvation of the Spirit

The result of a very interesting psychology lecture on altruism, reciprocal altruism and friends:
"I am your friend because you have something to offer me,
something bigger than anything material you could ever give.
You challenge me, you teach me, you have qualities that I admire
and so I can - and always will - look up to you."

And now apply that to all your firends and find out that it is actually true!
:) Yes, I mean all of ya!

And a random addition:

I'm really good,
at telling folks
the way life should be lead
And am sure that I
am right on track
having the things that could be had

To show the way
is one thing though
to lead is quite another
and giving can sometimes
be so much easier
than recieving that what matters

Caring is not so much
the hardest part
of loving and of trusting
it is stepping in wholeheartedly
without a doubt and conciously
giving out your heart

So let me guide me
learn to listen
to what I know I have to say
let me lead undoubtedly
the way across all boundaries
to friendship and delight.

Music for the Day: Camille, Ta Douleur

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A New Coach

Paul Metz is niet langer de coach van het nationale vrouwen-waterpoloteam. De nationale bond KNZB en de coach hebben de samenwerking "in goed overleg" beëindigd. Volgens de KNZB lopen de toekomstvisies van beide partijen te veel uiteen
Metz was sinds de Olympische Spelen van Sydney 2000 verantwoordelijk voor de nationale (jeugd)selecties. Grote successen bleven onder zijn leiding uit. Jong Oranje stond wel tot twee keer toe op het podium tijdens een jeugd-EK, bij de A-selectie kregen coach en selectie echter vooral teleurstellingen te verwerken.
Zo moest Nederland tijdens de Spelen van Athene toekijken en afgelopen zomer in Montreal bleef de equipe van Metz steken op een tiende plaats, het slechtste resultaat ooit op een wereldkampioenschap.

Translated Newsarticle:
HeadCoach Paul Metz Steps Down
Paul Mets is no longer the National Waterpolo Womens headcoach. The league has ended his contract as they feel their future plans differed too much.
Metz has been the headcoach since the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 and has been taking responsibility for the national (junior) teams since. The Senior team didn't have any great archievements under his supervision. The Junior team did a little better by winning an European championship but the senior national team kept having to deal with bad results. They didn't make it to the Olympics in Athens and didnlt get any further than 10th place last summer at the World Championships in Montreal. Their worst result ever.

I'm now most curious: Who is going to be our new coach?! And where are they going to find him?! And what is it going to be like! Should be interesting!

Music for the Day: The Beatles, Help!


after some more cycling today I have to come to the conclusion that cycling in hawaii is actually pretty good! even though the crossovers generally take forever. No one knows where to go and where to drive at what time, cars really watch where you are because of this because they are at fault if they hit you. They sometimes stop even if they donlt have to! Yeah! However I think cyclists have gotten used to this and have no clue where they are going and seriously lack coordintaion! People think I'm one of them and that I dunno how to steer! well I do! so watch out here comes the Dutchie on her bike! (I like to race the sidewalks and steer around people so I just don't hit them *grins evilly*)
Even more stupid then the general cyclist out here are the birds. They just don't move. I'm serious. I first noticed this when I came to hawaii last semester and Jen, a girl from our team was driving me to campus eacht day to get myeself organised. You basically have to stop before they hobble off to the side, or when you dirve a car, jump in front of your other wheel! Same when you cycle. I mean, you'd think they wanted to live and how sad is going to heaven and having to say you died because a bicycle couldn't avoid you?!?!?!

Music for today: A Perfect Circle, A Stranger

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


So last night I went to see some firethrowing! It was amazingly beautifull! Cycling is pretty fast in the evening and I got to where I needed to be in about 15 minutes, I think, I still don;t carry a watch! Had to look hard because they got together on this grass field just behind the beach but when I saw the fires I figured that was where I was going!
Aurelien and Cyril and Tibu were already there, the others didnlt come. Aurelien was the only one who participated and I continued practicing with a wooden stick they used for practice. Supposedly I was really amazing for my second try, haha, but here's me the perfectionist striving for better always and mostly frustrated that I couldn't be as gracefull as they were on my first try!
NEway it was your regular hippy reunion, though I had really intresting talks with everyone because if you're there, you're part of the crew, wether you are watching or drumming or firethrowing!
They had people with 2 ropes, with sticks, a lasso and jugglers. Everything interacted and everyone had their own style.

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Aurelien and his stick... (long shuttertime)

At about 10 we had to get out of there because they started towing cars away. Not my problem because I was on my bike! Me and Cyril and Aurelien went to the beach. Sat around till about 11:30 talking looking at the stars and relaxing. Really nice! The view is your regular travel agent folder view, slightly blueish hotels that light up behind you, palm trees silhouetted against the light, stars above, the sea at your feet.
*sigh* what else could you wish for! Too bad it was a regular weekday! I was in bed by 12 and now it's 6:45 and I'm awake because someone decided that the hedges needed to be trimmed!! WHY! I ask you!

Music for the day: henggggggggg brrrrrrngrrrrrrrrr (yes that would be the trimming machine)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

African Acrobatics?!

Just came back from a serious workout, don't think I've ever ran so many stairs in my life!

Crashed behind my desk and checked my mail. the other day my dad had an interesting reaction after reading my blog :) So I asked him to type it out and give you guys a break form my rambling! Well, here it is!

We were living in Ouagadougou at the time and the hot season was very hot so we decided to go to the beach in Togo. Some 750 kilometers away. Togo was a very civilised country as far as african countries go and we took two days to reach the capital. There were a couple of soldiers at the roadblocks on the way who thought that Meike would make them a nice wife, but when we explained that she was already engaged to Thomas, a little Belgian guy whom she loved to be around, they accepted and wished us a safe journey. In Lome we settled in a luxury holiday resort, full of tourists freshly flown in from Europe. Of course these tourists had to be entertained so one evening a group of acrobats (father, umpteen children (?)) in decreasing height came in and started doing all kind of tricks. Meike was smaller than the smallest child and fitted nicely in the row, so when they were all standing in line she joined the row and started dancing with the troupe. At the end of the performance the father started balancing on a plank that was roling over a cylinder and took Meike on his shoulders. So there was this big african guy with a little 3 year old girl on his shoulders. I think her parents were more impressed than the tourists. We cannot prove it as we do not have a picture of this event (which is very exceptional in our family) but that must have been more or less the first acrobatic act of Meike. Only to be repeated in Hawaii with some french guys.

*grins* a small 20 years later!
thanks dad!

Music for the day: Handel?, Water Music

Monday, October 03, 2005

French Acrobatics

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
top left to bottom right: Amy, Juliana, Me, Steve

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
from left to right: Alyssa, Me, Sara, Amy, Juliana
This was friday!!

It was loads of fun, we hung out in our room because we had nothing better to do, played around with the camera, talked a little, entertained two drunk guys that hung out in our doorway who were supposed to meet up with friends but were now drinking chardonne from a plastic bag (they came to ask for cups)

My Saturday is known, today was my typical SundayI couldn't be bothered to get dressed, hung out in my room, did a little homework, checked up on all my internet stuff and then decided to go buy some dishcloth, because towels don't work very well on cutlery, plates and cups. So I cycled to WalMart (for those who never heard of it: this is the most humoungus store where they have everything from camera's to bedspreads to bicycles to food, clothes and games and just everything!) so I found some dish cloth, a new toothbrush, because the other one I had had seemingly taken on a life of it's own and will stay one of life's little mysteries and some other stuff.
Went back to the dorm and decided with amy that we would go to Ala Moana Beach after she was finished working. Out there we went for a swim and were quiet impressed by a bunch of guys piling up in the water (acrobatics) they only couldn't get the third guy to stand up and still on the third level.

Can you guess? well me and my big mouth decided to make a comment and so they told me to try instead? it took a few tries, but I got up and I stood! Way Cool! Only when I looked down I was like uh-oh! that's when we crashed. I was really excited I made it up there and they were really excited that they had accomplished their pyramid. So that was my encounter with the french guys I made friends instantly because I could pronounce all their names 'en francais' :)Amy sadly had to go because she had another appointment but they invited me to come out to some other beach where all these people got together to practice these kind of things. There were fire blowers, more acrobats, people that juggled all sorts of things, swords, sticks, ropes. Lots of hippies and intresting poeple! Really amazing and no-one though it wierd if you couldn't do anything and was willing to show you how! Joost, you would have loved it! It is supposedly every week and the french guys (the ones we met at Ala Moana and made a pyramid with) are there every Sunday too, so I should go hang out! too bad I had to go home so soon! the sunset at the beach was breathtaking, when I have my camera...
Somewhere in between all this we met some other random people who spontanuously asked uo sot join their BBQ and had a piece of watermelon which was sliced with a huge sword (very entertaining) and a glass of beer.. hmmm... cold beer!

On the way back I slightly lost my way. I also still dont have a light! I suppose that is the way to learn my way around town! I ran into Katy and Robin, both on my team, who tried to explain the way home to me, and who laughed at the funny dutchy that takes her bicycle everywhere!
Don't worry I made it!

Wel then;
Amy needs to do homework behind the computer and I need to write out some chemistry.
Big hug for everyone who made the effort to read my blog! LOL *HUGZ*

Music for today: Jack Johnson, Better Together

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Thunder? and Lightning!

Saturday morning workout was rather easygoing, which was nice for a change and left me with the energy to go for a swim afterwards. I really need to get back into swimming, I'm doing to much legwork and to little of anything else.
Amy works at the pool so I walked with her and while I was changing found that Alyssa also decided on a swim. (Alyssa is one of Amy's best friends and also a devout christian. She is also a very sweet person! and a surprisingly good swimmer, though she doesnt think so :)) so we swam together which is way more motivating that messing around on your own! Thanks Alyssa!
Then me and Amy passed out for about an hour.. I think we were lacking some sleep, and I think 'some' was an understatement!
Then we went to a BBQ organised by and for our housing complex at about 4:30... that was dinner... then we went to the bookstore. It's a good thing I don't have any money because this was one of those bookstores that looks like a university library! They had everything, all kinds of books and music! And journals, which was my main reason for going there. I bought a really beautifull one! So two or more pages in my old one and then I get to start a new one. Anyone who keeps a journal knows how nice it is to start on a new first page! And this one is totally WOW! See my Journal! Couldn't get it hotlinked :S *devilish grin*
We stayed there for a while (they have a small cafetaria) so we had some tea and coffee and sat outside with the homework we brought. Really nice. On our ride home we had the silent kind of lightning.. (sheetlightning) that lights up the whole sky but without thunder. Really beautifull! I can really look at these kind of things for ever. However it was also my first trip to that area on my bike and I told Amy I would be okay on my way home (she was on her moped so was a lot faster and could go on the road on places where I couldn't, or rather wouldn't) so I had to pay attention to where I was going. It was a nice trip though! Didn't take any detours either :) Be proud of me!
Conclusion about cycling in Hawaii though:
1. The side walk is the safest place.. if you can keep up with traffic the road is a lot faster!
2. No matter how slow you go, when you arrive you'll be drenched in sweat within 5 minutes!
3. Pedestrian lights take forever to turn white...
4. I need to buy a light!
5. I love my Bicycle!
And I had a great night! LOL I know I am a bit of a geek, spending my Saturday night in a bookstore, but the alternative was going to the football game and then going to the after party. I like going out here but I dontl like football, same as I don't like soccer! So there!

Music for the day: 'Den Haag, den Haag', van Wieteke van Dort. No clue how that came into mind but I know my dad will have a laught about it!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Leonardo Da Vinci
You scored 67% artistic!
You are a true Renaissance person like Leonardo. You could do just well as a painter,musician, inventor, sculptor, architect, engineer or a web designer. As matter of fact anything, if you put your mind to it. This means you are using both hemispheres of your brain equally. Well Done! It's a Gift! That and the dyslexia which many of you might have on some level in this category. Your score is very close to that of Van Gogh's, which means you might want to get organised a bit. Paying more attention to the world around you wouldn't do any harm. Nature strives for balance, so should you. Logically, everyone should fall into this category, which just proves that humans aren't 'just' logical beings. Motivation might just be the missing element to your success. When you have so many talents, it is hard to focus and commit to just one. But it's OK, you don't have to. Explore and enjoy all the possibilities! That is what life is about! Always check your spelling and Good Luck on your journey!

Interesting, although I do not know how accurate this test is :)

This week is a rather normal one, no wierd occurances. I'm still sore allover my body, we are still working out, school is still happening. I've started skipping chemistry lectures on occasion because they are so boring. I don't see the point of me taking it, everyine says it's an easy A but I rather take something that teaches me something.

Had some serious cloud bursts today. Seen about 7 rainbows, of which two during practice and my teammates all cracked up when I got a ball in my face and declared I was looking at the rainbow. Well then.. I suppose I am just easily distracted by those kind of things :)

Tomorrow I'm going to buy myself a new journal!!!! this one is really filling up! Wheee! I love new books to write in! + I get to cycle my bicycle all the way to Ala Moana (shopping center) I finally have time to go find out where exactl that is! The bus takes about 20 minutes but I think I can cycle it in less. We'll see...
Going to get some dinner first!