Saturday, May 17, 2008

From Tree Hugger to National Champion

16/05/2007 It's really strange to be writing this blog entry but I am just really hoping it will turn out to be.
We just won our first game of a best out of 3 series for national championship. I'm so exited to play and yet scared to death... it would be quite a way to end this year of waterpolo!!! But we still have to win tonight and it is going to be so hard!

17/05/2007 HA! well we did it!
have a look here! IT IS IN DUTCH (Of course I blocked some shots... but they show goals so here they do go in... LOL) My word this was a strange game. We should have won in normal time but the refs kept giving the other team make up chances. We had two players out with 3 personal faults which was quite hard but they lost a couple during ovetime. So when in overtime we had a little fall behind they finally decided to give us the benefit of the doubt (or they just wanted to controll the game, beats me) and we managed to draw again. The other team missed two penalties.. (missed the goal entirely) so I didn't have that much to do (yeah right!) and we won! I'm soooooo stoked! Then we went back to Nijverdal and had a really fun party... trying to wake up the entire town -who really all should have been in bed early because there was church in the morning- went to bed at 6am and well...

The tree hugger thing came from a little adventure I had with Britt in Barendrecht.. pictures for ya here! We finally had some decent weather and decided to hang out in the grass, pick dandelions, dance and take random pictures.
Britt had never seen so many of these seed pods together and didn't know they came from dandelions so that was quite the experience. We also managed to scare away a coupld birds and entertain some older folks who kept walking by and thinking we must be 16 or so and playing outside or something.
On our way back we stood on the bridge and waves at truckdrivers (this I believe is a very good thing to do if you even need some self confidence haha! We had a very good laugh!) Had dinner at the most amazing restaurant and being very hungry and having banana beer to start with this was quite a laugh too! It was delicious though!

Quote: "It's never just a game whe you are winning." George Carlin
Music: Zuca 143, Nunca Mais (Never Again)


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Quarter Century

So it has been a while, at least I seem to stick to at least once a month updates!

It has been a Quarter Century!!! And it went by quite relaxed and enjoyable. I tend to let my birthday slip by quietly as for some reason I'm never really in for celebrations. My friends however thought otherwise! Iris came over from England with the good intention of celebrating her birthday as wel as mine :) and Britt came back from the Europe Cup in Sciscaly (as she calls it) went out for one night and came over to my place the next. We had a lovely dinner and then went out to Ede to see what my brother and his band were up to! It was good fun hanging out in the pub/bar, and I really enjoy most of their music and their catchy choruses and must admit I'm a proud to show them off! Running Downhill

We went to bed late and the next morning had appelpie for breakfast with big cups of coffee... sounds horrible doesn't it? I had some really cool presents (my hammock-top/left- picture courtesy of Britt) I think I will be spending quite some time in there!

What else happened lately? I realised it is really expensive to have a car and how much I actually enjoy having one! I needed to take it to the yearly checkup and had to pay a little more than I had bargained for to keep it on the road. I realy already knew it was expensive business to own a car but this!!!! However I have made piece with it and now we are happily driving around the country together again. It is MY car and I don't think I'll be owning one again in the near future or after I bugger off to Hawaii so I am going to majorly enjoy it! So there!

I had a fun outing to the Keukenhof, which is a garden focussed on all our spring flowers and bulbs, with my grandparents. It was really beautiful and I had never been there so it was about time! 't Was hard to get them in my pictures though... they are great at avoiding camera's :)

Music: Hey Driver, Lucky Boys Confusion
Quote: "It's bald and driving a white VW...??: my brother -my across the street neigbour