Thursday, December 29, 2005

"as'Salam alaykum"

"May peace be upon you."
Doesn't that make hello, heya or hi sound so meaningless, so empty? Would people be friendlier if they greated each other with a wish of peace? Hello merely aknowledges one's presence, good day somehow does wish the other a good day but it seems rather mediocre if you compare it to as'Salam alaykum (Arabic) or Shalom (Hebrew) by the same meaning.
It might have become a formality to them too, but even formalities can make a difference. For example the fact that in Enlgish there is no polite form to adress the elderly or people with greater authority. It is all "you" and only "you". Which often leaves me without words because "you" just sounds impolite. Would "hello" always hold a hint of impoliteness to a muslim too?

Went shopping today and basically did all my shopping in one store :) the tall girl shop *grins* where the pants actually fall over my feet without me taking out the hem! bought a pair of jeans and sweatpants, the kind I always want but are too short and were to hard to make because they were stretch material. So YES! left me quiet exhausted though cause I did go through the entire mall in search for a two piece.. in winter, I know stupid, but they don't have any sportbikini's in Hawaii either.. too many tourists! So just recreative swimwear.

Watched a movie with Bart, "Kingdom of Heaven", which even though it has quite som fighting in it is worth your while. It is about the struggle over Jerusalem in the time of the crusaders. Very well done, very heroic, good music...

And a lst random thought:

If you intend to steal from me
but you already told me so
does that make it informed consent?

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Picture Update! Merry Christmas!

Morning ritual; or really Lucas didn't sleep very well here, usually it is Justin sitting with Bart (they share their need for a little time to wake up in the morning, Justin is just too young for Coffee :) )

And so much for the picture update, my connection went back to low :S it is just about luck!

Had a wonderfull christmas morning.. the 24 as the 25th we celebrate with Megans family. Had so many presents!!! Thankyou Santa!!! All of them ;) Justin had a "bumpy track" two pieces of wooden railway to fit with his others, but these two are enough to entertain hime for at least a few more weeks! Lucas got a scooter.. (step) and lights for on his bike which go on and off so we spent some time outside doing "tricks" and then some cart weels and handstands too! hehe good thing I practiced those in Hawaii!

I got some usefull stuff, like a towel and warm sochks, and some really pretty things too, snowman earrings :) a calendar an art magazine, some markers a lizard :p well enough and lots!. "weally pwetty"!! Starting to feel better, sortof anyway, hope I didn't pass it on to Bart though.

Had some really nice replies to my christmas mail :) So nice people took the time to respond from all over the world! So Happy Christmas Everyone!! Mine is well on it's way!

Yesterday: Christmas lights at the Zoo.. very nice, they put up all these lights and instead of looking at animals there are whole spectacles of lights to be seen. Very entertaining! So we went to see them and had lots of fun! (The other lucky picture that somehow made it through the connection crash! but now I'm out of patience :)

Made some griesmeel pudding today. nearly burnt it :S in English it is supposedly called semolina pudding? hmm well, griesmeel with milk and almonds and currants. hmmm! we will have some later I think. Tomorrow it is family day, lots of special days coming up! we are going ice skating too! might rent some speedskates from the Olympic oval! Wheee! I get to go ice skating! See if you can catch up with me... LOL

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Nose Hill

So occasionally I can steal bandwidth of someones wireless internet connection, today it doesn't allow pictures, I'll keep trying, I did manage to load them on ringo's so if you are curious!

Things seem to come together, I think as my body gets a rest it decided it would let go of evrything it has been holding back. I've been to the chiropractor twice now and had a massage which left bruises on my back, and it helps but my neck is still cramping. At least I can look in the mirrir and see that my shoulders have aligned again. Typical, and it looks like this time I might really get sick. So I'm taking my vitamins and hoping.. cause this is not the time! The plain ride and the extremely dry air here probably doesn' t help. Yeah Yeah, I know, I'm whining. I'll be better!

Went for a walk with Lucas today, or actually, he cycled on his bicycle that he got for his Birthday, and I walked up to nose hill.. I'd have liked to go further but seeing as Lucas was tired and not so much the exploring type (I was barely allowed to take a different road back which turned out to be a major shortcut) we turned around. It is beautiful out there, the Chinook wind (warm wind) that has just come in melted all the snow and pushed all the clouds back and creates the most breath taking sunsets. So it is a little warmer now (4C) I dare venture outside! :)

I've done some cooking which is majorly appreciated. Great, because I really miss cooking while in Hawaii! Basically I spend my time entertaining one of my cousins or Bart :p my Uncle. It is great to have so much in common with someone! Whoa! and well I suppose we think in the same direction about a lot of things. I get to put Justin and Lucas to bed sometimes, and read them stories... I'm great for causing delays in bed time, but sure I'll come give ya a kiss!

On a different note: we now officially have a new coach for the National team. Robin van Galen. He is, or was up till now, the mens coach. So.. I hope to hear from him soon. Am curious but not convinced yet. We'll see!

Shall now go and write in my journal, you know, the old fashioned paper one? And then go dream! hmmm

Music: Lulleby Baby Blues, Keb Mo
Quote: "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." -Edgar Allan Poe

Monday, December 19, 2005

First things First

So I arrived in Calgary... don't ask how, I hardly know:
somehow I must have miscommunicuated with Ief who was going to drop me off at the airport. I ended up getting a ride with some people I had met but didn't know very well at all. I was slightly on the late side and this lady found my bag was too heavy (I should have figured with the christmas presents adn two pineapples) so I'd either have to pay $30 or pack half in a box she gave me.. the result: one really badly, half full, packed cardboard box which looked like it had already made the trip and a half empty suitcase. Ready to sprint the line for checking hand luggage was enormous! I talked my way about half way through and then I stopped trying because I just felt really embarresed. Of course my ticket had a row of ssss' printed on it which, for the non-travelers amongst you, means that you get an extra check up, as in you laptop gets tesetd on drugs (hey I'm Dutch) and basically they pour the contents of your bag out! Then I sprinted to the gate and they intercommed me to the plain. Ms. de Nooy has arrived! Seriously! That is SOOOOOOOOO emberassing, and then walking down the isle having evrybody look at you! (might have contributed that I hit my head int eh bottom of the telivision screen)
I had two stopovers, for the first I had 25 mninutes to get to my gate.. just made it. The seond I had exactly 10 minutes.. made it with one minute to spare but it was delyaed (It was overbooked) so we sat around for about an hour!

Bart and Lucas picked me up! So good to be here! Justin was taking a nap and Megan had been sick and was at home. Lucas is still very huggable, in need of consatnt attention but very sweet. Justin is very much on his own and only occaisonally needs a little attention. He needed about 10 minutes to warm up to me, cleverly hiding behind a printout of thomas the tank engine behind which he hid :) grins, but guess what, I brought "my friend seal" and he still had "his friend seal" too (our stuffed animals) so once the seals where reacquianted all was well! Seems to have left Bart and Megan quiet impressed. But then hey! They're my cousins and they are most adorable! (pictures asap)

Went to see the Calgary Flames with Bart. Wasn't very sure how I would like it but it turned out great! the first quarter there was three goals and I nearly jumped of my chair with excitement (I don't even get that excited over waterpolo games!) and then for the rest it became a bit slow cause they were just holding the lead and not scoring anymore. I think I'm most fascinated by how gracious the movement is. Me and Bart were both wearing a flames shirt (like I said, pictures asap) and I think I consumer more Coca cola than I have in the past year :) Yum and fun!

For the rest so much is happening that I can't really tell it all. I'll post the major scenes and happenings and the rest well, tough luck. It is incredible to be here, and I'm sure I'll repeat myself on that.

Finally I'm reading this book ont he Psychology of art.. it uses word that have me runnning for a dictionary every other page at least, but it makes sense somehow and it proves to me that have acquire some basic knowledge. A year ago this book would have left me flabberghasted or I probably would not have brought it home form the library to start with! But it's cool!

Now is bedtime... Jetlag catch up time.. oogjes toe en snalveltjes dicht.

Music: The silence of winter and living in a quiet area.. soooo nice!
Quote: "Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do."

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Still at it...

Tomorrow my last two exams! back to back, basically 4 hours straight from 10:00 - 2:00 pff and then I'm done and I'll be running around to get everything organised for leaving. Can't wait!
Had study sessions with so many different people and never thought studying together on the same subject, or simply being in a room together studying, could be so effective! Thanks Jamie, Danielle, Alyssa, Jen, Kezia!
I'm not actually stressing anymore, I'm not exactly done as in I can think of a lot more things to review, but I'm confident to remeber hings. That is good right? now all I need is someone to fix my back and replace my knees because they are all killing me. Will be nice on the plain. I hope I'll just pass out from exhaustion! Last practice was today!
Okay, will go read one more chapter in the hope that is the part of the book he wants me to know and then I need to sleep.

Music: The Byrds, Turn Turn Turn
Quote: I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy. - J. D. Salinger

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Study Rage...

Having my Latté and brownie, not really deserved 'cause there was stuff on my test which I should have known but didn't bother to review, but it tastes delicious anyway! + I just proven that my mind works really logically for not having reviewed anything of what we did before, I can always figure out the math without the equations. It just does make sense you know, but I can't explain it to anyone according to the book or the teacher for that matter because he just does not make sense.. and usust the formulas. now how do you explain something to someone 5 minutes before the exam starts how to think logically and without the formula. Exactly, you don't.

Yesterday I was going to go to bed early but at around 11 woke up. Well in that case, you better keep going. So I did. Great fun when Alyssa phoned to see if I was there and wanted to study with her. So she crashed in my room too and between the silences it was really cool!

At 1:30 I went out to get some fresh air and found the moon to have al these really cool halo's so I tried ot take a picture.. sorta worked out: but it is by far not as clear as I hoped it would be. Then got inspired by some more light and dark. (see above) Laid back on a little grass hill, for a few minutes watching stars, really nice and relaxing! then went to bed.

It is scary here how many people pull an all-nighter, sometimes two, and think it will help their studying! so many people are still up that you almost forget it is 2 hours past midnight!
When walking over campus everything seems dead silent. People that usually talk now found themselves a study spot and others are sleeping. I still believe I rather sleep then study so that I can at least write down what I do know :)

Yesterday after practice I had a little shootout with Iefke en Koen. That was really good! and reminds me that I have some stuff to work on! I hate to say it but that actually askes for playing and not just sticking out an arm. I like some speed in the game! I like to think of me as very patient and I do smile when people keep making the same mistake, but next semester we have to play! people better start busting their but or else I'll go insain, there is only so much you can do to make up for others mistakes, and a goal is a goal. /rant

Back to studying. At least I feel like doing Psy...

Music: James Blunt, You're Beautiful
Quote: "It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do." -Jerome K. Jerome

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Friday nigth was study night and me and Kezia went to Borders (A humongous bookstore) to study. Had some dinner there too, and as time passed were joined by many more. Liz, Justin, Emily, Matt... 't was great! did some studying, not too much, but it was anice start.

Saturday I went to see the chronicles of Narnia, I have to admit it is the first time I saw a movie before reading the book. Shame on me, but it was really quite amazing. A real feal good movie! And sort of special to be accompanied by two guys :) LOL, who'd ever think so.. Jeremy and Virginie stayed nehind. They really missed out!

Still going strong on the movie's.. Sunday I went to the bach.. well yeah, I thought of studying, but basically I just crashed. Slept for an hour and then, seeing noone had showed up, decided to go home and get some studying done. Just off Ala Moana I found this stall with "fishhooks" as they call them here, but not the touristy ones but a whole unique bunch that this guy and his brother carved. They were really beautiful. I picked up one that I really liked, thought maybe it would be nice for Bart for Christmas, it was just so uniquely carved! This guy starts explaining that it symbolizes the family. How it is intertwined and that even when you are far away you are still part of the whole... I was like, yep that is it, and if Bart doesn't like it I'll keep it. Then I asked for the price. $150.. Hmpf, never mind! I was not allowed to take any pictures (which I understand) it was okay if I put it on and he made a picture, so that is what I did.., I'm getting pretty decent at photomanipulations! *grins* Someday I'll understand my computer!

So when I was about to really leave Arnaud showed up. Well you know, I could go and study or hang out at the beach some more (you must all think I never do anything right now, but what would you choose?) so I went back. Had a really nice time and then when we came back form a swim Aurelien had showed up (Arnaud said he had lost hime the day before) And basicall he crashed next to us and passed out again.. this guy keeps the most insain hours!

Just before going home I had to capture this cloud! I promise I'll get you all a sunset too sometime! After I went home to get a shower and sorts and went back to go get dinner with Jeremie, Virginie and Arnaud. Lorel had a date and went out as I went in. LOL Big smile on his face haha!

We went to eat in a Japanese restaurant. Really good! had some suchi, something with crab and at the beginning had a little apprehension when I saw a fried fishtail sticking out of my sushi roll, but it was really yum! I tried really hard to understand all that was being said in French and sometimes I was fine but some things I just can't follow. I'll have to practice :) Glad you all speak proper Enlish now!

Back at their place we eneded up watching "Leon". En Anglais: Leon the Professional. That was a really impressive movie I suggest everyone go rent it! So instead of being home early, going to bed early and all those other things would probably be wise before an exam week, I was home at 2am. Seems to become a trend lately. Good thing morning practices are off!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Signs from Home:

Feel Better!

Zo ken ik je weer :p

Proud to be ya big sis :)But send me the Seekers tabs sometime! P.s.: nice guitar!

Thit means there was another freak with a Camera! Mom! Run! :p

NEway, Hanna en Jaco, thanks soo much for the pictures! They were awesome! Hanna it must have been an awesome day!

Inge, Dirk, having mail from the two of you made my day! I got up at 5:30 to finish writing my essay and your timing could not have been better! Had practice after that! essay due at 12 and I had spent too much time doing art before.. priorities! (For those who are interested, I updated my Art Attack Gallery (link on the right (the non-fantasy art))

And I promise! mail for everyone soon and feel free to harass me if I don't send you any.
Now I am officially catching up some sleep!

Music: Phantom of the Opera
Quote: Je leert nergens je vaderland zo goed kennen als in den vreemde...

Friday, December 09, 2005

Mate Selection:

So Amy and I have this quote board, and it is really neat! Have a quote on there which reads: "matters of the heart were never meant to be encompassed by the brain." (-by Me) Nice and all, and I thought it wa a really good one too! However my Psychology teacher has just spent one and a half hours teling us otherwise. According to her it depends (for women) on your menstrual cycle (how masculine you prefer your men LOL), Reproduction (are they fertile (although that is more the other way around, care (can they provide), symmetry (symmetry stands for health so we would prefer more symmetrcal people) do you want me to go on?
Doesn't that just take all the romance out of courtship?

Okay, happier subjects..had my MRI this morning and.. should be in there now to harass adoctor to look at them. I'll be back! Aloha!
Okay Aloha indeed, I thought I was the one who was late, but obviously she was later. Also she had the results, but isnlt alowed to give them to me before she talked to the radiologist... So I walked back, and am now waitning for her phonecall. There is America for you. She managed to say that she did see some things we should discuss. Nice, great, AWESOME! Hrmpf I'll end my rant and finish when I know the results...

-Okay, so the cartilege is still there! that at least is good, but my muscles on the outside of my leg are so strong compared to the inner thigh ones that they are pulling my kneecap skew. Which cuases it to rub against the bone, and which makes it sore.. so it is not wierd that it was both knees. Will take about two to three months with streching and strengthening my inner thigh. But, I would probably feel it till the end of next semeter. Not sure if I'm happy now...

Just quit practice half an hour early because my knees gave up, they felt numb and had no strength. Probably because I went al out on wednesday, and maybe the MRI had some sort of effect after on my body after all. Even typing is an effort, so I'll redirect that to my essay and leave you all to the rest of your day.

Love and Hugz

Music: Goo Goo Dolls, Slide & Coldplay, Yellow
Quote: What you risk reveals what you value. -Jeanette Winterson -

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Good times!

Singing along with songs!!!

Aretha franklin, Son of a preacherman

Billy Ray was a preacher's son
And when his daddy would visit he'd come along
When they gathered around and starting talkin'
That's when Billy would take me walkin'
Out through the back yard we'd go walkin'
Then he'd look into my eyes
Lord knows, to my surprise

The only one who could ever reach me
Was the son of a preacherman
The only boy who could ever teach me
Was the son of a preacherman
Yes he was, he was, ooh, yes he was

Bein' good isn't always easy
No matter how hard I try
When he started sweet-talkin' to me
He'd come'n tell me "Everything is all right "
He'd kiss and tell me "Everything is all right "
Can I get away again tonight ?

The only one who could ever reach me
Was the son of a preacherman
The only boy who can ever teach me
Was the son of a preacherman
Yes he was, he was, ooh, yes he was ( yes he was )

How well I remember
The look that was in his eyes
Stealin' kisses from me on the sly
Takin' time to make time
Tellin'me that he's all mine
Learnin' from each other's knowin'
Lookin' to see how much we've grown and

The only one who could ever reach me
Was the son of a preacherman
The only boy who could ever teach me
Was the son of a preacherman
Yes he was, he was, ooh, yes he was

Also good for singing along:
Total Eclipse of the heart, Bonny Tyler
Evanescence, Imaginary Monsters
Goo goo Dolls, Broadway
Jack Johnson, Fortunate Fool
Nickelback, How you remind me

Okay time for practice!
Have a blast!

p.s.: somebody know something against sore throughts? I suppose singing isn't the best remedy...

Monday, December 05, 2005

Dancing in the Rain

So the air had been dense al morning and I was feeling sick anyway. I had to write two papers, one research paper, one book essay for which I am still reading the book...
Dragged myself over to the library to do research. And WOW, I must say after trying to find the books I needed I totally lost my orientation in there... it is so huge! NEway, there are so many books! I'm sure that I t ook way more time in there then I needed, simply because I saw all these really interesting books! Whoa! I could just sit there all weekend and read! So much interesting stuff! (I am a bookworm people 'common!) So yeah.. after really enjoyng myself sitting at the bottom of a bookshelf.. I needed to go back to write my paper(s). And it just started to rain. ome people were waiting under the library roof, I decided to go walk.
I got slightly wet but it wasn't bad... however it got worse and worse. When I was inside all hell broke loose, thunder (so loud it brought on some shrieks downstairs) and a little lightning..
I aksed Amy when she was going to bible study and she was like, oh, do you need your computer? LOL well maybe I did and should have been using it, but actually I was just going to ask her if she wanted to go outside with me and get soaking wet! We did! it was so nice! two girls downstairs dropped all their homework and joined us : we had a little dance and sang "ring around the rosies" LOL
Most people came out on the porch to witness the rain, and probably had a laught at us. They really missed out!
Just wanted to share!
Back to work! (and trying not to get lost in the books that I should only quickly find some refernces from)