Tuesday, December 19, 2006

50 word story challenge?

Up and down the winding path she knew it’s bumps and corners. The trebles and emotion leading her into another world so craftily created that she lost touch with the here and now. Lost until the record player broke and Tchaikovsky and his Valse became part of history again.

I couldn't resist :)
wanna try???
Go to A Wonderer in Paris's blog.

Quote: After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Leid in Hawaii

As most of you probably know, that is the common joke here. A Lei is one of those flower necklaces that you recieve here for any occasion really. So I got the honour o Leiing my family. Why does that sound so wrong?!
NEways, they are here. It was interesting borrowing a car and picking them up form the airport (where I had never driven on my own yet) the night before my big exam day and after having been sick for forever and having had a fever well, pretty much the whole week. (I know, what happened to: "I don't get sick, I just get injured", right? must have had something to do with going to L.A.)
So now half of them are here and today they are all out on a hike so I can finally catch up with myself. Really great to have them here and so much stuff I want to show them, but really I just want to go incognito for a week and crawl under my blankets and sleep. ahhh I got 9 hours last night! Imagine that! What a treat!
Had a very beautifull wedding from one of the girls on our team last night. she was absolutely gorgeous and I donlt think I've ever seen anything so well organised! It was quite interesting as it was a union between a guy from texas and an australian, so the dads had each other say certain "typical" frases so they would be accepted if they came to the others "home" and it was quite hilarious! Otherwise it was very traditional with a ceremony in the only church that loks like a church here in hawaii. (Guess I am spoiled coming from Europe?)

Today I finally had the peace of mind to pick up my guitar again and for the rest I'm just going to do some serious grocery shopping and maybe spend some time at the beach and then meet the fam at 6 for dinner. pfew.

Finally (I just thought this was funny), Iris, my good friend from.. hmm home? send me this e-mail on how it was discovered that vergetarians had a higher IQ. Well there! I feel really bad for all you meat eaters out there, LOL.

*back to playing guitar*
WOW I'm on a HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


After geeting my act together and studying all morning (okay okay, almost all morning) I took a nap cuase I felt more dead then alive, had lunch and went to do some art. Now I really didnlt feel like it, but usually when I sit down I warm up to it. Today however it didnlt work that way.
I didnlt really have a choice because I got my portfolio date extended by a week for going to LA so I figured now was the time to finish some of it.
I planned on going home at 7 but was home at 6 after sopending 3 hours intently trying to get some lines onto paper and eventually going with what I had because it didn't seem to improve. It obviously didn't because when I was about half way and I compared it to the other pieces it was supposed to complement, within a couple seconds was turned into a basketball and I aimed it for the bin. WHAT A $4!%#$#%^%^$%^##^ WASTE OF MY DAY!!!!!!

So now that the rant is over.. I should go back to studying.. just trying to not take it out on my roommates.. who are kind opushing it right now.

Happy post eh :)
I was listening to some very fitting music too: Funeral Song, The Rasmus
And I won't bother finding a quote, so there.
I need space!
laterz :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Waterpolo, A Way Of Life

Back in the Dutch team after a break of one season: Maike de Nooy. Foto: Wolfgang Philipps
p.s. that picture os from World Champs in motreal... and they managed to spell my name wrong.

Nou that would be the understatement of the year (looks up at the title). I think it must be some kind of addiction, like smoking: you stop overindulging or you quit altogether but all you need is someone to offer you the bloody thing and dangle it in front of your nose to become totally submersedagain and to endulge like never before. I think in proper psychological terms it is called priming.

So yeah, a whole bunch of you figured out the reason for my silence. I hounestly didn't have time although the internet connection wasn't that good an excuse this time because the ones in L.A. hotels work fine!

Yeah, I'm in L.A. I'm playing the Holiday cup with my national team, or at least, we just finished. The National team coach decided to ask me back about 3 weeks ago? For possibly the World Championships in March and in any case the Olympic year after that (don't get too excited we still need to qualify). When I said yes without too much thought and a little hesitation because what the hell was I doing, would my knees last and could I fix it all with school, he immediately asked if I could make it to the Holiday cup as well. Well, I said no at first because I have exam week... now. But here I am!

So sorry for this short update, I felt I needed to, but as I spent most of this week sick and feverish as well and decided to get in and prove myself anyway, I didn't get around to studying for my biopsychology test tomorrow morning much so I will go do that now. Somebody have a smart brain I can borrow? Mine obviously is a bit daft at the moment.

for those who read Dutch and want an update on the games: www.manmeer.nl
for those who read English (as well) and want to be interested: www.waterpolo-world.com

Quote: "Each success only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem." -Henry Kissinger