Monday, December 29, 2008

Fear is for Prey

I mean: Merry Christmas and a happy Newyear

If ever you wonder where I went: I'm in Canada visiting my family there.
As always full of good intentions of writing christmas letters and cards and e-mails and as usual thinking of everyone a lot but not so much doing anything about it. It seems to be my style.

I've entirely merged into my Canadian family's life style of which the kids (my two cousins) are the pivotal point. It is good though, I've done literally nothing but play with them, read a really good book found in my uncles cupboard and visit their friends and family for just fun or game days and nights. I even got to write on one of the last pages of their victory book (they do game nights often). Of course this was a place I could claim after having prepared for this event playing high level competition and travelling through China and the US to finally come to Calgary, Canada to enter a certain state of flow, combining my practiced mental and physical states into a true victory worthy of comitting to writing.

At some point though, seriously lacking some physical movement I decided to take a hike up nose hill which is quite close by their house. This was truely wondeful! I felt like a little kid wanting/trying to run up the hil, wanting to merge with the white snow glistening in sunlight. Running doesn't work very welll through deep snow and high altitude frozen air though. Halfway up the hill I was knee deep in the snow which made me turn back alltogether (of course after denying defeat and trying awas more kind. I nearly gave up again because as the sun was setting and the wind picking up (there was a chinook wind- the warm wind and the reason it was -12 instead of -25). It was so cold I could barely breathe! Turning my back to the wind to catch my breath the hood of my jacket flew up, which made me realise my hat and scarf just didn't do the trick! This however gave me a new comfort (and breath) and had me attempt going up again. Up was wonderful! The sun was still shining there and setting between the hills in the distance and the clouds above. (Again no pictures as we have a virus here and it targets removable harddrives *sigh* technology is not on my side) I skipped down the hill when I was done taking pictures and studying Calgary from above in the changing light.. back home to have some REALLY HOT CHOCOLATE MILK!

Also went to watch a Calgary Flames game! I must say I quite enjoy watching ice hockey which is strange because I have very little patience for watching sports in general! I still get a little awkward when they break into serious fights and have bloos splatters to wipe off the ice, but I love the spead of the game and the agility on ice!

You must be wondering by now where the title of this blog came from though? Well??? can you guess?? no? Okay well.. Ice Age 2. My cousins got it from Santa and it has been played at least 6 times already (listening to it in the background as we speak). Justin, the youngest, has the greatet memory for words and texts. This particular one coming from Diego, the Sabertooth tiger who doesn't know how to swim. Swimming is like staling prey. Did I lose you? okay well just go watch.

Speaking of swimming, I went to the pool with my family a couple times now! Both my cousins grew a lot, as little people and in height (there is no denying this is my family). Lucas a true boy, showing off all his skills and making sure never to admit defeat or miss an opportunity to tell us he is good at things (I do remember my little brother going though a very similar phase) and Justin very good at playing on his own, sometimes coming out of nowhere to tell you about the fantasy-world he just submerged in while we were not paying attention and sometimes cuddly and loving. Those were the days!

Today being the last day of the year I hope it will be a good one for everyone! And a good one tomorrow for everyone too! I know I will start mine leisurely. Hope to get one day of skiing in, some more time with my cousins, maybe another hike and some sledding in the snow when it gets a little colder (makes the snow less wet!)
Hope to see you all soon... Hawai'i or eslewhere. All my love.

Music: ACDC
Quote: "When there is snow on the ground, I like to pretend I'm walking on clouds." -Takayuki Ikkaku

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Quand je Marche

Computer: R.I.P.: died in it's sleep... never started again when I prodded it in the morning...Moped: down and outBicycle: still parked where I left it one and a half years agoLegs: only a little sore from capoeira (again) but very good for walking.I walked to school the last three days in a row, takes about 35 minutes and it makes me contemplative. You have been warned!

"Entends-tu", m'as-tu dit,"le chant du monde?", alors depuisquand l'aube se lève, je la suiset quand la nuit tombeje tombe aussi-Camille, excerpt from the song "Quand je Marche"Such a beautiful language, I'm in love. I think I need to court it a little more, but for now I'm only listening and trying to understand.
I moved to my new place! Pictures for those who are keen to see, I will edit this post as soon as I find a way to function without my laptop (and I promise my room will not always be this tidy). Everyone is welcome! This means: come by unexpected, we have a lanai: a good place for talking or just contemplating and looking down into Manoa valley (or doing art), two crazy house mates/friends -but always good fun, the hills behind us, dinner if you want, three guitars in the house, the best breeze in Manoa, a garden, tea, cookies.. hmm maybe I should start charging!I shall attempt a house warming party after everyone returns from Christmas break!

Music: CamilleQuote: "Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time." -Steven Wright