Saturday, September 27, 2008

On Avo

Careful to keep the fruit intact I spend my entire morning not bumping my bag into anything, not squishing it into the seat of my moped, not slinging it over my shoulder and not randomly stuffing my books in.

As a little treasure I carried it around, hidden in in my pouch no one knowing it other than me. Untill it's faithfull moment came and I pulled it out. A dark shiney green: soft but not too soft, big but not too big, and mine, most importantly, all mine.

Picking at it's center of suspention I got hold of it's cardboard skin. My first taste sucking the flesh off, sampling the whole. It peeled easily and sat in my hand like a big pear. A big baby pear, freshly arrived in this world, still sitting in it's bottom shell.

I contemplated it's perfect shape for a while and then took a big soft bite that started melting on my tongue as soon as it hit base. I tried to eat it slowly, picking bit's off my nose and cheeks, remnants of the feast of each bite, my hands soft with a thick green cream.

Now I sit satisfied, like the original fruit full, lucious and glowing green around the edges.

It is also mango season ans the pineapple we had the other day had my tongue sore for the day after as I had too much! so good! Jealous yet? Papaya's are pretty sweet too!
And tonight one of my new friends is cooking my roommte and me a traditional Japanese dinner!

Oh and guess what! the sun us shining!

Music: Sunshine, Matt Costa
Quote: "Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each." -Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mirroring the Moon

Do you know what I mean?
Out on the beach, night just set in
out comes the glowing full moon
Filled up with Ahi and Poi as we are
possibly a little high on vulcanic air
We realise the moon is lonely up there
waves disrupting her reflectionin the sea
and really, since the water is warm
what should we care?

Three slightly awkward moons
wade into the water
Perfect symmetry

Music: A World of Our Own, The Seekers
Quote: Language exerts hidden power, like a moon on the tides. -Rita Mae Brown

Friday, September 05, 2008

3D Person

She felt like the weight of her two bags -exactly 23 kg's each- and the additional weight of the bottle of champagne in her backpack made it impossible for her to walk at a 90 degree angle with the floor. While she found her way outside she was congradulated by a few more people that had figured out she was the girl that was in 27C. Because of previous experiences she wisely kept her prize in her backpack though.

It was so good to be back! The smell of flowers on the warm wind, the slightly oversweet smell of the cinnamon buns (she could have done without that), the people slowly moving around doing jobs that werenlt always entirely clear... Which arrival hall was she in? would they find her? did they get the date right?

The heavy bags bumped up the stairs, each stair a different size, each bump a heavier one. She was definitely awake now but what did you expect form someone arriving at midnight and a 12 hour time difference?!

Walking to school in the morning after a wholesome three hours of sleep she told herself a couple of times: "I'm in Hawaii and I'm going to school! I'm in Hawaii, I'm going to school!". Unprepared as she was it turned out not to be all that bad. Nearly fell over twice during life painting - it is really hard to concentrate for 2,5 hours at 3 in teh afternoon, but the focal point -which for the purpose of this blog we shall call model- made her keep her balance and only ensued a couple of odd looks from fellow class mates.

The pool was where it always had been. Many faces changed but then; so had she. It was amazing that out of her soggy head there still came a somewhat understandable set of swimsets. This must be what one calls experience.

Now she is looking for rooms, and mopeds. It seems there is quite a good chance for each. She spotted an awefully beautifull light pink one. As you all know this is her favourite colour and so she has been having (quite extensive) visions of how to use her newly gained spraypaint techniques to turn it into somewhat more her style. Any cool thoughts on this?

She set a record of almost 5,5 hours of sleep last night. Rigth now it still seems like it was enough but tonight, after practice and a drink at Magoose they are off to First fridays.. the downtown art exhibition. Next mission to accomplish!

Quote: "Accept anyone who approaches you, don't chase those that leave you." -Japanese Proverb used by one of my teachers when people started leaving the lecture early.
Music: "Guitar Music by various live artists in this house"

Monday, September 01, 2008


as you might have noticed!
I dreamed up a lot of things as a little girl but this never really was one of them LOL!

I thought about running a bunch of quotes of e-mails people sent me on here, but I just recieved the best one last night when I called my family in Canada. My cousin Justin picked up the phone and when he figured out it was me he told me in a brilliantly long sentence, slightly hoarse with excitement:

"Did you know... ... ... you guys won ... the Olympics?!?!?!?!?"

I guess this says all we need to know.
After a long week of being hailed by the Queen, the people in my street, the Swimming comity, our municipality and the one of the team I play on, giving a golden clinic (having all out sponsors show up and teach them sports) and receieving so many flowers we ran out of vases and buckets too and the wedding of a good friend (she was absolutely beautiful), I finally get to pack and as a bonus my other dear friend managed to give birth to Marjolein (she told me she'd manage it between China and Hawaii as she wanted me to be there. So I get to go see her today! SO PROUD!

I fly tomorrow, got to talk to Amy today (yes I'm still bouncy) and will now go on bouncing till I drop dead on the plain to Hawaii tomorrow so I can prepare for catching up a week+ of school and find an apartment and work the goalies on Aloha Island. Nothing aloha about workouts though!

Will catch up with all of you asap!
Thanks again for all the support, it means the world to me!

Quote: "Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognise it as such" -Henry Miller
Music: Muse, Starlight