Sunday, February 26, 2006

Little Mermaid

When you are a water creature and you want legs to walk upon the land, you have to pay the price..., I'm glad they rewrote the end to that story ;)

I got back into playing mode.. we're not that much better, but I think I put it in a different perspective. I can sit down ad weep and be miserable or I can do my best and hope people pick up on it and try a little harder themselves, though I still have the urge to pick someone up and shake 'em hard and ask them to tell me why they are even here?? But well.. since I decided to care A LITTLE less, I've been playing a little better. It feels/looks more like me, let's put it that way!

It is funny how after playing I cam go hang out with Anna Pardo (number 8 on the spanish team and on USC) or go catch up with Natalie Golda (last week). Even Rachel (Riddell) managed to speak a whole centence to me today and she always looks like she is too good for this world (though I've heard she is really shy) So we get updated on all the ups and down's of waterpolo. Me and Ief were mentioned on waterpolo-world: "There will also be visible changes in the pool. Both teams will have new starting goalkeepers, as Italy's living legend Francesca Conti has retired, but she is remaining one of the staff members of the new "setterosa". On the Dutch side two-times World Championships starter Meike de Nooy was not nominated for the 2006 events due to her studies in the USA. Another USA student, top player Iefke van Belkum, will join the Dutch team later, but there will no comeback of former top scorer Daniëlle de Bruijn. Mauro Maugeri has nominated an interesting mixture of experienced Olympic gold medallists like Silvia Bosurgi, Tania Di Mario, Martina Miceli or Manuela Zanchi and very young, still less known faces, but the most spectacular change is the nomination of 2002 FINA World Cup winner and 2004 Olympian Erzsébet Valkay, a nationalised Hungarian top player. " Interesting. It will be strange not to be "the starting goalie" and "live"among those players that I've come to know so well...

Music: ABBA, The Winner Takes it All
Quote: "You can only really yell at the players you trust."

Saturday, February 25, 2006

With Love and Patience, Everything is Possible

I always thought I had a lot of patience, but aspecially now that I am not fit and cannot make up for others mistakes and make it easier to forgive them the other half, I realise that my level of patience it running rather low! Even though I donlt like it. So be warned!

We lost the first game and won the second. We could have won them both and if I had done my job we would have at least drawn the first. I know, it is a teamsport, but one can't help but give it some thought, I hope everybody did...

Driving to Santa Barabara we stopped over at Sabrina's house where we got treated (American Style) to dinner, waaaaayyyyy to much food! But I must say quite good!
Today after sleeping in and practice we went by trader Joe's.. you have no clue how good that is after being in Hawaii for so long, it is like a health store, but it is way less expensive. I got some fresh orange juice, and brown baguette and runny/old camembert. Mjam, I needed some normal food!

Okay, so really now it is study hall time and I have to go at least finish reading my book! Then I might reply to some e-mails... I wish I could take out my pencils and sketchbooks and draw.. I have so many things I want to draw! Arghhhh time for books and essays!

little update:Just finished reading the Whale Rider by Witi Ihimeara. Really nice book, lots of symbolism and thought provoking material, especially after watching Excalibur in the same context. Too bad I had to take notes while writing and now have to write an essay on it...

Music: Blondie, One Way, or Another.
Quote: Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Sorry for being such a stranger!

This past week was my one week at home after one week on the road and I had three exams which I couldn't study for as we did 6 games in 5 days and 4 hotels.. so I studied throughout the week (not very convincedly though, I basically read stuff but it was quite interesting!) I can say we grew as a team but otherwise we pretty muched sucked! We have to learn to block and just when I thought I might have underestimated some people we played against UCLA. When I told my coach we needed to practice that he was like: "well that is why we have a goalie right?" All nice and stuff but there is no point in being a goalie when you donlt have team that knows how to defend! Plus it helps if you have a goalie that can play properly and not one that is high on painkillers (okay okay, it wasn't THAT bad, but I'm surely not in shape!)

So I really have nothing interesting to tell.. I'm braindead and leaving for the mainland again on sunday. Waterpolo, a way of Life.. 3 essays due, a book to read.. shall I go on?! Or actually yeah!

We had a dildo party.. It is sort of like a tupperware party but then, well, for dildo's and lots of other stuff that I never knew existed. Now I do, and so do some others LOL There was a slight difference between those who had fun with them and those who awkwardly passed them on. These things had lots of buttons you know, and they move and have some lights to guide them! :p Lets put it this way: We had A LOT of fun!

So what else, Oh I made a really interesting picture of San Francisco: It is a view of San Francisco from the Golden Gate bridge:

Music: ABBA, Hasta Manana
Quote: The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.
~Saint Jerome