Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Girls Night and Art

I got my new camera! it is so amazing! WOW! and as we we had a girls night with Bible study it was the best time to try it out! Amy thought so too and had a go at capturing Rachel in some really artistic pictures! You must agree we looked rather amazing alltogether! (especially how we all try to look wrinkled) It was good fun! Rachel sadly was alergic to the stuff so she stayed her natural beautifull self..

So we had fun! it was a good night, too bad though that it was the last for this semester: People goign home for Christmas and everybody just really busy for finals week and Amy is leaving me on monday already, whoa! where did time go?!

I got ex-rays done on my knee yesterday. Trying to find out if the cartilage is really gone, they will have a look at it friday (with me) and then I'll probably get an MRI because they can't see it on an X-ray... this is typically Hawai'i... plus I was supposed to be there at 6 so I got out of practice but the guy was late so I waited for like half an hour, then he lost his key, another 5 minutes, and by the time I got back to the pool practice was basically over. Oh well, ALOHA!

Also I'm trying to update my art attack site.. SOON 'cause I can take some pictures of my art now. I'll let you know when it is up! I Also have a picture from Mike and Guen(evere) two crazy people in my artclass who wake me up when I am asleep, or just join me for a nap or who I do crosswords with when the teacher is talking to much, who I drink coffe with (if I don't spill it over my lap and my art like today) and who make artclass generally fun! Thanks guys! (for that and for posing :p)
This week seems to be a quiet one but I just realised that the semester is alsmot over! I need to start finishing things! or else I'll be stressing and this weekend looks like it is going to be a busy one.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


What is broken when you name it?

And why is that so hard for some people?

I had a great Thanksgiving, watching movies, hangin' out with cool/new people, eating loads of good food (Jeez I think I really love pumpkin pie!) I wish I could have taken some pictures, but, at least I ordered my Camera!! :) I'm soooooooo excited you won't believe it!

We saw the movie 'Crashed' and recommend it, it was intense and adresses discrimination rather well! Pfew! I got all worked up about it and I thought it was quite impressive! Only realized I was the only white girl in the room then.. or let me say Caucasian, because we were a happy mix! Interesting no one ever really noticed! Monster in Law was quite fun too LOL, the ending not too impressive but it had some good humour!

Still trying to get my class schedule for next semester together.. I'm sorta late, and still need to pre-register some PSY classes.. jeez I need to get my act together!
Finally want to thank those of you who are responding to my blog, it is nice to know people are reading along! And I love mail :D
Can you all do me a favour and leave your name if you read this entry even if it is like a month down the line! (and plus cooment if you want!)? can also leave a nickname that lets me know it is you!!! Just because I'm curious who is lurking but not commenting :p

Today I did some shopping with Amy, and found one pair of pants and a really AWESOME skirt which I both hung back really quickly as after I looked at the price of the skirt I thought maybe I should check the pants as well ?! for my ability to pick the pricyest thing in the whole Shopping Mall is uncanny! So I bought nothing.. hrmpf I hate it when you find something perfect fit and not even all that fancy and they manage to ruin it by putting a major price tag on it! What's up with that?!

NEway, need to get rid of some inspiration and this blog comment is not doing it for me, so this is it! Love and Hugz!

Music: Handel, Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (followed by) Water Music

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Aum Shri Ganeshaya Namah

I crossed the step
Into darkness, stillness
A step into cool air
Solidness, emptiness
Sunlight streamed in
Revealing feelings of holiness
There he was seated
Showing curves of godliness
Perfect respect
For what some may call happiness

I crossed Ganesha’s step…

So yes, a little Ode to Ganesh. Been on my mind a lot lately, possibly because I was discussing with Amy the acceptance of other Gods and Religeons by Christianity and her view on that, possibly because I was talking about Goa with someone I recently met and who came from Karnataka state (where my dad used to live and where we traveled), possibly because I have been dreaming of Elephants lately or maybe because I donated to some guy who was collecting money for a dinner for the homneless for thanksgiving and who gave me this little book on the Vedas (you know, Brahman, Hari Krishna etc...)

About Ganesha:
Ganesha is known as Aumkara, because his body mirrors the shape of the Aum (most sacred syllable in Hinduism), the elephant god is thus seen as the embodiment of the cosmos. His elephantine head symbolizes the intelligence and beatitude of the elephant, powerful, yet gentle.
The goad ganesha often holds is to prod man to the path of righteousness and truth. With it he can both strike and repel obstacles. His pot belly signifies the bounty of nature and also that Ganesha swallows the sorrows of the Universe and protects the world.
His vehicle is a mouse symbolizing intellect, small enough to find out any secret in the most remote of places. It also signifies his humility, that he takes the company of one of the smaller creatures.
He is the lord of wisdom, intelligence, education, prudence, luck and fortune, gates, doors, doorways, household and writing. He is the remover of obstacles, and as such it is normal to invoke him before the undertaking of any task.

So why am I writing all this? Well, when we were in India, I momentarily "came home" in this little temple in seemingly the middle of nowhere. Out of the heat and dust into humid, almost cold air. It was like entering a church where the air seems heavy with devotion from all the thousands of people that prayed there. It was one of the many temples we had seen that day but this one left a memory whicn is now one of the most vivid memories in my life.
So that is why.

Music- REM, Everybody Hurts (+TABS!) & Sinsemilia, Tout le Bonheure du Monde

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It is a Sport!

My first reaction was F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!
the second time I decided to smile about it
and the third time I saw it coming...

I was cycling home from the bookstore (beautifull, awesome, wunderbar I lurve books!)
and it was raining. I had tried to wait a little, but it didn't get less so I decided to go.
It was okay and I might have made it home in a decent state, untill: Hrm, this car switched two lanes to drive through a big pool of water to create a wave big enough to hit me in the face. I was remotely pissed off, but glad I packed my books in a lot of plastic bags before setting out.
Then I didn't care anymore and letting go of all my previous efforts to stay dry, decided to get realy soaked (which didn't need much effort from me because it started to seriously poor down! And, obviously, it is a sport to splash bicylcles... All I could do was smile.. I smiled at everyone I saw, some smiled back, some started laughing and two guys took their raincoats off following my example. (there really was no point in trying to stay dray, it was inpossible.) but it was really nice!
Took a shower with my clothes on (I just did my laundry so I needed to at least rinse it out) and felt really refreshed! Nothing better than a good rain!

So yeah, no fire throwing tonigh (water and fire don't mix) and no bible study.. Just books. Bought a book on Salvador Dali, there is one crazy artist, but I suppose that comes with the trade. Not sure if you need insanity to be a great artist or be a great artist to go insain, but it is a beautifull book with large illustrations and explanations for his thoughts behind the drawings and a readable history on art... and only 6 dollars!!!

I will most likely not update before friday or the weekend, so happy thanksgiving to everyone! (thursday)

Now I need to sleep even though I'm totally awake and invigorated by the rain. I have art at 7 hours!

Music: Eels, Railroad Man & Radiohead, Streetspirit

Monday, November 21, 2005

Ode to Fruit

Some things are meant to be... I was looking at what intensive writing classes I wanted to take and found thatr there are very few in Psych I can take right now, however it seemed dort of a good idea to take one while on the road because there are no exams, just writing, and I can do that in my own time, so no working ahead or catching up! I did find a really interesting course, but it is on general writing, in English. Myths, Legends and Folklore. I still want to take that, but my Psychology teacher (who is a really good teacher and who makes lectures fun!) decided to teach a Writing Intensive class and asked if there was anyone interested! and on developmental Psych too! YES!!!! Only 15 people allowed in that class though. I hope I get in!

Saturday I semi-worked out. Or I should say I didn't play waterpolo but I worked my ass off! I swam (as I did Friday but not as much as my arms were still heavy) and did 1h15min of powertraining. I made myself a nice set... It was actually a good workout! After I slept a bit and went to Waikiki to do some shopping, hoped to find a sportsbikini at the same time. No such luck... Had fun haggling at the International market on waikiki, where they place the item in your hand before you even had a decent look at it. 60% off, I think I still have my skills, but I just don't understand how tourists can be so stupid as to pay the full price after they saw me pay so much less, you'd think they'd catch on!!!? Donated some monay to a thanksgiving dinner for the homeless folks, and had a really itnersting discussion with this guy about Krishna and their beliefs and reincarnation. He handed me a smiley sticker because he caught me not smiling in Waikiki.. needed to be rectified. Funy guy.
Bought myself a really yum papaya: cut like butter and was really delicious (if you like papaya) Had about an hour of time for myself lying on the beach reading my book. really nice. also looked at toursists a bit and dozed :)
Finally, after some dinner, ended up going to the theater with Amy, Aurelien, Arnaud and Jeremy. The last was trying to create magic behind his computer so came straight to the theater from work. One really determined guy that... and I think he had popcorn for dinner, LOL. We watched derailed. I thought it was pretty good untill somewhere half way I felt the plot was given away. Definitely wait to rent that one :) but not bad alltogether

Today I went to the Swapmeet at Aloha satium, just about on the other side of the island, with Tanya. She lives down the other side of the hall, is from russia but basically American now, we have the funnyest discussions! It was great fun! bought lost of stuff! also didn't buy a lot of other stuff, I really restrained myself and tried to stick with Christmas presents. I got lots! Also had a really good juicy mango. Yes, dripping down the chin experience and all! Also had a Coconut. Drank the milk and then went back to have the guy hack it in two. Munch munch!
After walking between irritating and sometimes very rude tourists we were dead and both sorta passed out on the bus. Then had 45minutes of sleep at home and then Amy came in and we went to the beach with the French guys again. playes some..."waterpolo" layed around, juggled, played volleyball.. yeah altogether nice! now we are going to make some dinner.. we just came back to take a quick shower and clean up.

And just for all folks that know what I am comparing: Sitting in the back of a moped is almost just as good as sitting in the back of a Toyota on your way home and having the warm night wind blow in your face and through your hair with the sweet smell of Plumeria in the air. Just so you all know that life is good! :) Amy would say that that is when you know that God is kissing you. So it must be really good! *grins*

Thursday, November 17, 2005


A women is not a problem to be solved
but a mystery to be enjoyed...

Music for the Day: Enigma & Deep Forest, Snow on the Sahara

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


A Hug
There's something in a simple hug
That warms us to the heart;
It welcomes us back home
And makes it easier to part

A hug's a way to share the joy
and sad times we go through,
Or just a way for friends to say
I like you 'cause you're you

Hugs are an amazing thing
And just the perfect way
To show that we do care so much
But can't find the words to say

It's funny how a little hug
Makes everyone feel good;
In every place and language,
It's always understood

And hugs will never cost a dime
They never loose their flair
Just open up your arms and heart
And show the world you care.

And this one I found online and thought it was really cool!
A Hug ... The Universal Perscription

No moving parts, no batteries.
No monthly payments and no fees;
Inflation proof, non-taxable,
In fact, it's quite relaxable;

It can't be stolen, won't pollute,
One size fits all, do not dilute.
It uses little energy,
But yields results enormously.

Relieves your tension and your stress,
Invigorate your happiness;
Combats depression, makes you beam,
And elevates your self esteem!

Your circulation it corrects
Without unpleasant side effects
It is, I think, the perfect drug:
My friend, may I prescribe... the hug!

And, of course, fully returnable!

No Music for the day, just a hug.. :)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Le Restant du Fondue au Chocolat

Be ready for a huge blog entry!!! :)

Thursday Amy got invted Kezia to go see a speaker which was supposedly really good, I was invited too. Somehow it sparked my curiosity, you know, I'm a curious person and after hearing about speakers I needed to see one. So I went.
Now his lady was something else. I can not say she was a good speaker based on the way she talked and the repetition and the language, but she had a really good point and she got it across. Somehow though I can always see the things that are being said as being part of life, and not neccesarily related to God. She talked about how people do things because they feel they need to because of other people. Pressure to be good, live up to expectatations, the need to please others to make sure they like you. It made sense... but then when she said that it is not the people you need to please but God I felt like that was a similar problem. You are doing things to please someone else, and I suppose if that someone else is God and you believe this that should be okay, but it leaves me with the feeling that you still might be doing things which you might not otherwise do... and maybe that is not neccesarily negative, but oh well, you see what I mean?

Friday we had a Luau. Sort of like a party... it was really nice, and I found I knew a lot more people than I though I did + I suppose it helps enjoying talking to different people and not feeling bad about randomly adressing them. The food was pretty darn good too! Also there was live music and especially the guy on the drum was really cool. I took two pictures with ALyssa's camera and hope to turn them into a drawing when I have time. Beautifull!

Then I booked my ticket to Canada for Christmas!!!! Beware! Here I come! YES!

Saturday morning workout became a scavenger hunt at Margi's and Coralie's place. Yes it involved a lot of workout, walking on the beach, diong handstands and swimming to flat island.. but it was fun. Too bad my knee thought otherwise! After we had a brunch there, good fun too, and I had a nice talk with Margi, who I never really had a chance to talk to yet and Coralie showed me some realy cool pictures online! I wanna draw! After that I went to the beach with Shannon, Kristy and Steph, I think we just all passed out for about the first 45 minutes.. after that we were all in good spirits and had fun. Met this guy named Max, who came later, really nice chap (gosh that sounded English) but he's interesting, hope to meet him again sometime. We all had dinner at this Italien place.. at 4:30 or so.. oef! but it was really really good! Pesto Pasta! Hmmm! Back in my room I thought it would be a good time to do some stuff. Thought wrong! I ended up going along with Amy and Arnaud and Aurelien to get some dinner but didn't eat. I did get some coldstone Icecream for dessert though! Way too much food for one day still!
We decided to go see a movie, but we were sorta late so I ended up getting my laptop with Amy while the guys went to rent a movie. They got this french movie named Chorus, which we watched in french with english subtitles.. Anyone who can find it, go see it! It is beautufll.. People prone to crying, beware, I had this moment where I wanted to exchange looks with my bro and check on my mom LOL good old days!
Didn't think it was much of a guys movie, but they all loved it, in fact they had seen it before and felt we needed to see it and they would just see it again. I'm impressed!
2:30 bedtime?? I will never learn!

SO I got up at 8.. yes well.. I was actually quite productive! wrote me an essay, and did all this other stuff that had to be done, only thing that is still on my list is VACUUMING! Our room is sooo gross! Ew, Yeck! Bleh Brrr.... NEED! TO VACUUM!
Then I was going to go go shopping with a girl from our team but I couldnlt get hold of her so I ended up, yes, I went to the beach again.. at about 4. You know, Aloha time... I was going to go at three, knowing Aurelien, Arnaud and Jeremie were going to be there but ran into Dana in the hall, I hadn't talked to her in so long I just had to catch up. She had just brought back the most amazing claywork/pottery she had made. So I hung out for a bit.

Ended up going to the beach, then to the usual sunday acrobatics and prcticed poi some more.. for those who didn't get what that was last time, poi are two chains with balls on it that you spin aroudn and light with fire.. really awesome stuff, unless you hit yourelf and torch your hair :)
Then we went to the store and brought dinner: namely.. lost of fruit and chocolate for chocolate findue (which is not English but merely my incapability to type with 10 fingers and hitting the "i" instead of the "o" and being in a hurry because my roomie needed to do her essay! so Fondue au Chocolate it is), then we called Amy and Kezia, who were still very hard at work and convinced them to come over and join the party! Had sooooooo much chocolate, and not just in my mouth... (this post wil be edited when I get hold of all the pictures!)
It was great fun, and about 2:30 before I got to get some sleep again!
Right now, Amy needs to finish her essay though..
make sure you come back for the picture update!
Hugz to all!

Oh and Le Restant de Chocolat? I took a shower yesterday, and I did clean my face way before that, but this morning I still found some chocolate in my eye! hmmm

P.S.: I just vacuumed, ahhhhhh so nice!

Music for the day: Rasmus, Not Like the Other Girls


Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
This was just the beginning!

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
And he is thinking...: Mon Dieu.. I live with a bunch of Kids?! ;)

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Amy's Facemask...

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Kezia stayed amazingly clean, but I know she still loves me! I was bound and gagged and smeared I didntl get a choice :S :p and I don't understand how Nick managed to escape the camera! Hrm, you got lucky this time! But there is no feeding the bears anymore!

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Look who is smiling!!!

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Fondue au Chocolat!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Smile :D

I knew there was something about e-mailing that bothered me! But it is seeing soemone face to face that deepens relationships. Humans interact through facial expressions! Okay, so most of you are now going: "duh!" But honestly, why do you think people yell and curse at each other on the road (road rage) but do not when they walk into one another at a traffic light? Indeed, because they can look each other in the eye.

And did you ever realise that when you smile at people they almost always smile back, even a total stranger on the street? They might be unconfortable, but their first reaction is to smile back! Try it, it is quite fun!

One last thing, also very old knowledge, but worth knowing none the less as I found myself laughing at myself trying to work this magic in the pool the other day... if you're not happy try smile, even a fake smile will do. When the corners of your mouth move up you automatically start feeling better! Haha and if that doesn't work, just imagine me in the goal making faces to lift my spirits and eventually just outright laughing at myself for the stupidity of it. Trust me I got some wierd looks!
Have a great day, and donlt forget to smile!
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Monday, November 07, 2005


So, I can still cook :) at least I may assume so as everyone still seems alive and kicking. They even said they enjoyed it *grins* I'm allowed to come back! Makes me really want to move into the apartments next year, or maybe not. I do want to cook good food and was again confronted with the fact that fresh vegetables also come in plastic bags in the freezer, or in pots if you prefer LOL I keep forgetting that some people are not so spoiled as I am to have a dad who grows vegetables in the garden, and two parents that know how to cook! I'm sure you'll never forget how to cut beans up now though Arnaud ;p I'm glad I got to show ya, and thanks for helping! Dessert was really "Awesome" chocolate mousse, prepared by Aurélien.. I know it would have been better with French chocolate, but it was still really yum!

So now is monday. I am mentally quite ready for practice but my body still feels like a truck has recently driven over it . I was discussing with Amy how, as an athlete, you get so used to ignoring pain that you forget that it is bad for you to be sore. Mich and Danielle, get really excited when you say you are sore. Which really pisses me off!
He doesn't seem to realise that sore means your body is indicating that you did too much! (which was something I almost forgot too). So I'll have to keep an eye on myself as usual. It is hard to stop when you know you can ignore the pain and keep going (which everyone expects you to do anyway) Jeez, how many times do I have to have this discussion with myself!?

So I am having a little Royo inpired moment. (You know: Luis Royo, famous fantasy artist?) And I'm amazed at how his images can be so shocking, sometimes downright offending, but still so inspiring to me. So yeah, I have to do more homework as usual and all I want to do is art. I had an A for my midterm portoflio :) and he made a comment along the line of being curious what would happen if I would put all this prcatice into my own work. Yes, me too! I can't wait to try! Someone get me a box of extra time, seeing as time is relative anyway! *Feels like discussing the interpretations of duration of time but decides that this is not the time as time seems to be in a hurry at the moment*

Music for the Day: Stereophonics, Hurry up and Wait. (how very fitting!)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Coming Home :)

So, there are many good things about going home except that you have to leave people behind. But no matter where you travel, the fact is that if you travel you have to say goodbye sometimes.
So, get home safe and untill we meet again!

Halloween was crazy! I've seen the most amazing , the most revealing and original constumes and now I'm inspired for next year, for sure!
There were two that really Wowed me! 1. a guy that made a cape of all these stuffed animals, almost like a hermin coat, and he had a cross to bear, with even more stuffed animals. It was just really impressive, and I would totally want to do something like that except for that when I think of all my animals on my shelf at home I know I would never be able to cut them apart and stitch em together. :)
The other one was not so outspoken, it was almos like a spirit. He? was dressed in flimsy material and black cloth with little strands hanging loose and wore a sort of hood. face painted white and black around the eyes and he was crouching most of the time. Somehow it was very expressionate. Maybe I just have a flair for the dramatic...

The preposterousness of some costumes made me smile and realise that Halloween is not so much for celebration of the harvest and an honoring of dead ancestors and Samhain, the lord of the dead anymore but more so a celebration of the spirit. A revelation of true selves and secret wishes. The action hero's running around, a stray Donatello, or Michealangelo (I can't remember but it was the purple one!) the bikers, the surfers and others with an outspoken image, girls in skimpy outfits, (weather capable of pulling it off or not was not a question), for once being able to do so without being thought less off, and fairies and ballerina's. Why not give in to being what you always wanted to be!

So today is election day? I didn't have Anthro class, which I forgot about so that was a nice surprise. But election day? Why is there nothing happening here? why don't I hear anyone about it. Better go find some newsreports... turns out they put some new rule through about abortion and we had some demonstartions on campus, but nothing major...

And finally (yes I'm excited): Studio Sport (the main sports channel back home) is going to broadcast the playoffs for waterpolo live! YES! Even though that is only one month a year, at least it will be at a time when people can watch!
+ A little piece of wisdom which I re-aquired and would like to share:
Don't just change your mind, change your heart!
The mind has the power to create, the heart the determination to succeed!
Music for the Day: Razorlight, Up all Night