Sunday, November 30, 2008

Goofy Footed

What can I say, this is nothing new to me!
However I didn't know they would have a term for it when riding a wave. ;)
I think I'm turning my chlorine addiction into a salt water addiction though! Surfing is so much fun aspecially if you can do it a couple days in a row or with your random friends who decide to show up out of nowhere aka Brittany Kamai! (I just wanted to write out her last name as she finally got it officiallised and she is proud to have her dad's name, so there!)
First it was Nicolas who took me out once a week, if lucky but the three times I went so far were great! Man I bruise badly on my knees and hips from lying on a surfboard! Then I went with Britt:

On my way to thanksgiving dinner my moped broke down again (I just got it fixed two days before) so I walk it to the moped place, tie it up and sit at the busstop. First of all I talk to this guy who is a chef at one of the big waikiki hotels and who is carrying a bunch of pies. He tells me his life story, in short I guess but still... we discuss bus systems all over the world and right before the bus comes we get interrupted by a phone call: Brittanny!
"what're you up to?"
"hmm me? sitting at the busstop moping over my moped whattabout you?"
"you want me to come pick you up?"
"wait what?! Are you here?!?!?! heck yeah!"
So I tell the guy how cool my random friend is and he donates a pie to us for thanksgiving, figuring we are students and he has only a small gathering where we have quite a big one!
He takes the bus and britt picks me up. We go see her dad play first, so nice, so good, I suggest you all come listen to him play someday, and when Britt walked in he had the proudest smile on his face! So sweet!
Then we had thanksgiving dinner at my new house where I havn't moved in yet and at the idea of surfing with Britt in the morning I confirmed my previous notion that shopping on black friday (the discount dat after thanksgiving) really wasn't my thing, so we go home at 00:00 and go surfing in the morning...
More of this!
wayyyyyy more of this!

Meanwhile my friend (Isar) had asked me to come to cpaoeira sometime, so I did as it sounded like good fun! Little did I know I was going to be sore for the entire 4 days after! I tried to swim it out, walk it out (I took the stairs everywhere) but no... I'm going back on monday though! So fun, so hard though, but at least I can get better at it!

Also have been playing with the girls a lot lateley. I am getting better at it, so much so that Mich called me friday as he wanted me in. Friday was Sinterklaas though and my free day form waterpolo so I desperately needed to finish my 'surprise' and print out my poem... so we could be ready after practice! The girls invited me to the cafetaria (where I havn't been back since I left hawaii) and ended up eating a random veggie burger, slice of pizza and icecream as there was, as usual, no proper veggie food. Brrr that was so bad it was good! :) and Dagmar had some pepernoten after so we were all pretty much ready to explode. We had a lot of fun though, even the non-Dutch girls did such a good job in picking up the sinterklaas spirit, it was impressive!

One more week and then finals start, then I am off to Canada for christmas! I bought myself a woolen sweater to get in the mood! :D

Music: Nothing Ever Ends, dEUS
Quote: "If ti swells, ride it!"

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Sunday, November 09, 2008


Beach workouts have dwindled as season (accordingt o NCAA rules) has started officially which means there are no funny rules holding one back from using balls in practice and working out a certain amount of hours in the pool... It was fun... Taken at waimea beach and they weren't even greatful! I guess they liked the pictures of jumping of the Rock better! I must admit I thought it was! :)

It was halloween! Altogether waikiki was a bit dissappointing, it seems the center has moved to downtown which is where I'll be going next year! There are too many tourists in waikiki that don't dress up and just come to watch :S

We had an after weddign BBQ of Volker's brother and his girlfriend. It was a very spontaneous potluck and I met a whole bunch of fun people there apart from the very fun ones I arlready knew! Spent a lot of time in the sea avoiding Men of War... I was succesful, but not everyone. Ended up hanging out with Krystian and Isar who were my ride home from Waimea... which resulted in my latest piece of art (on the right or on my deviantart site)

We had dinner at our house. According to Adi this picture is proof Dutch girls can make real Indian food! :D (for those who know: Mango Dahl and Palak Paneer) And it is great when everyone likes it, especially a random culture clash like this! From left to right: Angel (Spain), Takuya (Japan), Adi (India), Ecaterina (Romania) and me (Dutchy!) Later for desert which was a combi of strawberries Gulab Jamoon hmmm and appel/caramel cakes Nicolas (France) and Lisa(Japan) also joined us! Good fun!

And somewhere in between all this my little brother turned 21!!! Must mean I'm getting old haha!
Oh, and we have a new president which should be great but the next topic of discussion is how he is going to be assasinated. This is a strange place to live... but we live right down the road from where Obama used to live!

Quote: "I am not young enough to know everything." -Oscar Wilde
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