Saturday, November 24, 2007


Here's me showing off my latest. Kind of happy with how it turned out, it gave me a whole many more ideas but they'll have to wait as I'm off to Madrid for the Europe Cup and then of to L.A. for the Holiday Cup and then I think it is about christmas time :) I might have some time again around then but seeing as there are a whole bunch of people coming I doubt it! I might make them sit down and draw with me! - you all be warned!
Then the other morning I got woken up by a phone call from AMY!!!!! YAY! But it just doesn't cease to amaze me that I can talk on my cellphone with a laptop in Hawai'i! I mean, I remeber the days when my dad was off somewhere in India and we would try to have a conversation between two landlines with and echo that made you wonder to what sentence the other person was replying as it took about 5 seconds to transfer the sound! We came such a long way!

I was wondering what else, but ranting about all these cups I forgot to mention we won the Cup for the netherlands yesterday!!! I really didnlt expect we would, and we played such a lousy game at that! The semi finals the day before were way better! But oh well, I guess it doesn't matter how you win right! Celebration time!

Uhmmm to make matters interesting, there is a video of some high-lights of the final here under waterpolo, link to the right. And an article on me here both in Dutch!!! haha! but just in case you felt like having a look!

C'est tout! I am now going to attempt cleaning up my room so I can leave in an organised fashion tomorrow morning! Ta!

Music: KT Tunstall, Under the Weather
Quote: "Winning is important to me, but what brings me real joy is the experience of being fully engaged in whatever I'm doing." -Phil Jackson

Sunday, November 18, 2007

WOUP=Week Of Unfisnished Projects!

So after a couple of weeks of trying to keep breathing/functioning I just had a friday morning off which gave me just enough energy to remeber I had a life (and funsctioning legs). Now, after playing two (one more) games this weekend, I have a remotely easy going week with mostly club team requirements before playing final 4 and running off to play Europe cup and then on to the Holiday Cup in LA.
Sounds promising doesn't it! Well as usual Im looking at it one week at a time: this is my week off finishing unfinished projects and I'm already well on my way!

I have all these things that are half done: my South Africa photo album, a really cool piece of art (which has a story of itself because I had a random interview with a Dutch newspaper and they wanted a piece of my art in the picture that accompanied the text. So I showed them some and this guy decided he wants this unfinished piece in there. I'm like: "it's not even finished!!!" so he goes: "what's not finished about it?!" -stupid. I thought a photoghrapher had a slightly better sense of art. Grrrr) Then I am going to finally be able to call these people at the music school and ask them if it is feasable for me to take guitar classes because I'm gone half the time and well you know... I got all the other documents for discount and that so that is cool!
Then I have some friends to hang out with... I kinda want to go see my grandparents. And well I can go on and on, but I should stop if I want to fit it all in this week. It will be good though!

Also just finished this really impressive book: A Piece of Cake. If you like autobiographies, this one is very well written, very hopefull and very eye opening. I also picked up on a bunch of slang and the differences between dope, crack, black and red beauties, the four white pills, gang banging, tooting and what not. -Iris thanks for passing me all your cool books, I'll make sure to pass them on!

Now is coffee time!

Music: Maybe tomorrow, Stereophonics
Quote: When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other. -Eric Hoffer

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Season of Change

Check out this Poem by Britt yellow leaf, it fits really well with the mood!

So everybody seems to be radically throwing their lives around and that sure set me off to some inspiration. Also I really needed to do some good (though about) art instead of just randomly plonking around random sh*t on paper. I'm not sure how pleased I am and have not signed this piece thinking it is not finished so I might add on later (You know it won't happen!)

My knees are on a slow recovery to betterness but of course it is way to slow and meanwhile pissing me off because I cannot use my legs at full capacity= not good when you are a goalie! Plus The Europe cup is coming up and I just wanna do life at full speed instead of needeing to recover every time I move! I love the coloured leaves and keep being distracted from the road because I'm wathcing them while I drive... but man! am I having issues with the cold.

Good thing there are lots of cool people coming over between now and (around) Christmas so that is promising even though I'm going to be gone half the berloody time! It'll still result in fun times and nice destractions. They better anyways! Time to keep/get my act together!

Quote: "Nothing is impossible. Some things are just less likely than others." -Jonathan Winters
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