Thursday, August 21, 2014

Le Sud de la France

Disclaimer: I´m tired of clogging facebook with pictures with little to no info so I shall again make an attempt to blog. Mea culpa - I´m out of practice. Bear with me!

Living in Belgium makes a spontanious visit to France slightly easier, though it is still a bit of a drive... but since the storm headed for Hawai´i a couple weeks back has left us with disgusting summer weather here as well we decided to make like hockey players (get the puck outta here).

And it was a good plan as we had 3 days of summer.

Good morning sunshine! I guess most people have the bad luck that I usually bounce out of bed before them in the morning -especially when the sun is out!

The boy made me coffee and breakfast and was my ever patient model (am I turning into my mom?)

We did some nice exploring, found us the path less travelled by and wandered into a hunting area (no worries, it is not hunting season). Of course as per usual we found critters and had to closely inspect them and I found some old trees that captured my attantion. Also, I got to pose while Michael experimented with picture taking. (see below)

So yeah that be me- the lion in the high grass!  That afternoon we had a stroll around the nearest town. I love about France that you can drive through towns by passing one farm/ village entry sign- 1 or 2 farms or even abandoned buildings- village exit sign.
We had dinner, listened to so,e French dude perform with his band who did really well except butchered the Rolling stones as his english was terrible and he forgot to stay on tune trying to pronunciate the words.

Finally we went to see some caves. close to Lascaux, which is famous for it´s first form of drawings on a cave wall this cave also had some horses and two figures. Being a limestone cave however the images were slowly being covered by new sediment and only just visible. Do you interfere with nature to maintain the art or do you allow nature to cover up history? 
Anyway, no horses in this picture, for those of you who were looking, I snuck this picture (without flash) as picture taking was not allowed. Noughty me.

Then we had a musea day, well sorta; We visited a castle built into the rocks which they had used to shoz all the historical evidence that had been left around this area throughout the ages. One room had all the mideival torture equipment- so glad I got to be wierd in this age and not a couple hundred years back.

The semi-caves around the corner had been used as settlements, to escape to romans, other enemies, and had been used by bears as well as people. a room with a view so to speak.

We had a marvallous late lunch in the sun with a bottle of wine, a little kayak trip down tha river that led along the caves and a castle and eventually turned in. Time to go home!
Picknicked on the way and spent too much time in traffic around Paris but it was a marvellous little getaway.

Oh my- and did I inform you all that I fell in love with this boy... yeah, the one in the grass! yeah! good stuff.

Now let´s see what life brings for the next post so I can get back into bloggin shape.